Worthy Warrior

“Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they are not.”


Today I received an e-mail from a friend of my lovely fan Danielle. (YOU ROCK, BABY!) She told me her best friend was too shy to deliver a message herself, but she eventually convinced her to send it to me. She wanted me to share it and I am so glad that she allowed me the rights to do so. She herself remains unnamed for her privacy, but this is truly something that should be addressed. You are all worthy of so much and as I said vicariously in a previous post, sometimes we just need a reminder or our own significance.


Scenario of a Warrior (In Her Own Words): Veronica, you said ‘We are all warriors in the army of life, because we all have a battle to fight whether big or small. We have dreams to fight for, love to fight for, life to fight for.” & I thought….she is so young, she doesnt know about battles. Looking back i had no right to say u didnt kno bcuz i didnt know u so well then (maybe one day). I see your old soul and i have come to appreciate this. Here i am… i am looking to you. people think because i am older i am to be CONFIDENT and ASSURED OF MYSELF but…I am not…and i dont know how to be…i guess i am just…trying to see if you can tell me anything. i want to be around good people but i keep attracting the worst…i want to feel great but i remain…bitter…cold…wrong inside. i look around and feel small. i dream big. like too big. every1 says i cant have my dreams. that they are only dreams. all that corny crap. like feeling not so pretty to other women. talent like other women. i feel hot with anger and sadness. you have been a light to my friend Dani and i want to steal some! Please do not feel obligated to respond, but please if you can…i dont want to waste your time…Forever your Warrior Fan, Love Always, XOXOX


Firstly, never ever be afraid to reach out. No judgement will be passed, no time will be wasted because none of you are a waste of my time. I truly need you to hear me when I say that. None of you are a waste of time. I am forever grateful for your e-mails and love talking to you. You will never ever feel alone or like a burden because I am not standing for it. I will always be here for you girls and guys. If there comes a time I can’t assist you I will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Secondly, a lot of my people deal with these issues and emotions. Including me. The truth is, you have to put your self-esteem in check and realize your self-worth. If you are surrounding yourself with negativity, darkness will not take long to consume you. It becomes toxic and appears in every thing you do. It spills over into school, work, relationships, and then you notice that which once made you happy…no longer does.

You must learn to love yourself enough to choose what is best for you. This includes walking away from the people that belittle you, the environment that stifles your passion, daily activities you participate in, and the shows you choose to watch on television. It is one of those ‘easier said than done’ situations where you nearly want to bite the messenger’s head off! That’s when you have to remember…everything takes work, time, and patience. You have to believe you are capable, and I mean JUST you. You do not need validation from another soul. It is uplifting when others support you and say that you can, but that isn’t dire. I know it helps, but you’ve got to know in your heart and your mind that what you desire can and will be yours.

That anger, sadness…drive it into your goals. Turn your goals into accomplishments. Turn your accomplishments into a series of ‘You-said-I-couldn’t-do-it-look-at-me-now-ha-ha-ha-ha’s! Otherwise, that rage and fury translates to self-destructive behavior. You will start to believe in the words of those who are afraid to see you conquer all you set out to do. As sorrowful as it makes me, people want to watch each other burn. They want to see you collapse instead of rise. Do not allow these sorts around you and do not value their words. Do not look to them for your self-assurance or reassurance. They are damaging to your heart, soul, and mind. They will take your sanity because after some time passes and they see they’ve stole your light they’ll know they’ve got the power and can keep you where you’ve been. Don’t expect change when everything around you stays the same. Developing or raising your self-esteem is a a day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-to-minute task. Work at it. You deserve better. Trust and be aware that you deserve better. Make it known that you deserve it and eventually your aura will demand it. Take pride in the unique soul that you are and the dreams you have. Seek growth, seek joy, seek balance. Please, stop looking to society to determine who and what you should be. You have to find yourself and be true to that person. You and all you represent is more valuable than what you may or may not seek to copy or imitate.

You are all beautiful. From the center of my soul to my heart, I mean that. If you should need me again I will always be here. I will always listen.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤