We Are Only A Moment


VND is the short form of Veronica N. Davis, an American digital director, designer, and author. Born in Chicago, February 22, 1991, she has gone from an underground fan fiction writer to a novelist with messages of love and acceptance in her literature. On September 24, 2009 her premiere novel Blind Thirst was published. For nearly 4 years she remained relatively quiet in order to complete college. Just before graduating, she published Tomorrow Never Came (January 20, 2013). The following year, on April 14, 2014, Point of Infliction was published. Her novels are available worldwide. In July of 2019 she launched a design agency in Chicago for the luxury interior design, millworking, and construction sector. ~ AQ

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  1. Jasemine-Denise

    I’m glad to see this mentality is now manifesting itself. It’s important to remember what is “toxic” versus what is actually helpful or life altering. There’s a very thin line these days.

  2. Elizabeth

    You are always so deep even when you’re tearing down biases. I can tell you are going through things and I have my fingers crossed for you. Love your mind, Vee!

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