Tomorrow Never Came Is Now Available!

I’m so glad this day has arrived. I know it says my book was published yesterday, but it was literally available at 11:59PM. I was asleep! Anyway. This book was fun to write, but did have its stressful points as you’ll see when you read it. Some of the topics (sexual assault, hates crimes, etc.) was rough, but I know that the message in it has the strength to hit the right people at any given time. I hope you enjoy it. Love you and talk to you soon.



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After the death of her baby brother, 17-year-old Naomi Knight rediscovers happiness in the hearts of her friends and family. Reveling in the love of all whom are dear to her, she fails to notice the chaos spreading around her. When her friend Natasha Reed is sexually assaulted everything that was once pure falls away. Hate crimes, deception, and pain grip the town of Silver Creek. In the midst of everything, Naomi finds that her life hangs in the balance just as the students of Silver Creek High when one of their own walks into the school, gun in hand, revenge in mind.