Soul On Fire

Soul On Fire | A Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~ Ferdinand Foch

Thrill and excitement should be a daily occurance. Whether it is our career, our hobby, a person, event, etc. it should be something that stirs the passion within. It should set our soul on fire, which is why I believe everyone should have a chance to know their path, have a spring in their step for something or someone they’re looking forward to, and lead a life they can be joyously stimulated by. I’ve found the quickest thing to burn out our fire is money, a lack of a connection to our childhood selves, and surprisingly enough no longer having a role model.

Let’s Address The Money Issue!

Debt and taxes (known as “death & taxes – to me debt can feel like financial death, so…) are two entities that will accompany most everyone throughout their lives. So, let’s imagine that neither were an issue. What would you do if money truly were no object? Would you take the time to discover what could set your soul on fire? Would you manage your time to make some for you to live out your dreams? Don’t let money stifle your fun because when we were younger we had none and we had the best time. It wasn’t until money & objects began to rule our teenage and adult years did we realize we “didn’t have enough”.

Discover Why You Left YOU Behind.

“Oh, grow up!” – a common saying that you’ll one day (if you haven’t already) hear from your parents, siblings, and/or friends. You’ll probably even hear it from a stranger or two while you’re out minding your own business. Well, I say kudos to you. Growing up is where the issue of losing your passion can be. When we’re children we’re wild about everything – reading, writing, video games, building things, creating worlds, etc. There is a reason why it is the best time of our lives. You have to channel that side of you sometimes, and it is okay to reconnect. In the world we live in you have to hold on to your brighter side to make it.

Is It Really Best To Be Your Own Role Model?

Every person should reach a point where they are their own role model, there is no question there. Everyone should be so proud of who they are based on their own life story. What I have found to be the case when this happens is many people stop feeling “challenged” or “inspired”. Role models should evolve from someone to look up to, to someone to help you remain inspired. The greats sought out their idols for that reason, to keep pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. This is applicable to every soul on earth throughout their journeys.

This Still Means Action Is Required.

None of this can help you unless you seek out your passions. These are simply reminders of aspects of ourselves that we may have allowed to interrupt our discoveries. Money is an adult issue and we know adults often lose the ability to feel “happy regularly” because of a piece of paper. We are a nation sustaining itself by way of drugs and television. Childhood is a time period adults forget the significance of. Role models remind us that we can strive to be greater no matter our age or sex. That isn’t to say we can all be [insert past role models], but it is to say that each of us have potential to strive for more than what we have done if we so wish.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌💙


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