Veronica N. Davis Self-Care Blog Entry

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable,
and you are worth the effort.” – Deborah Day

For many people 2017 has gone from a year of opportunity to a year of dread. That may mean that many of you may need to look inward. I know, it sounds odd. It could sound counterproductive to some of you. Sustainability arises from the soul and mind. Another under appreciated objective regards building personal wealth, however that is a topic for another entry. For now use these 5 methods to survive the new era.

1. Volunteer

Empowerment plays a quintessential role in volunteer work. It produces self-determination in communities which lack the drive or resources to do more. Group effort is required to mold a better world, and likeminded people strive can obtain it. This also triggers a sense of peace in each of us, and we can be even more proud. We should love one another, not get lost in our phones and media. Correct this by extending a helping hand.

2. PFYO (Purchase From Your Own)

Until you realize we are all souls occupying vessels, it’s quite alright to function from an ethnic standpoint. Start buying from your own. Brands don’t survive because people prefer to purchase from well-known brands. It is not to say halt purchasing from Michael Kors or Coach, but begin to incorporate brands that support small business and [insert race here].

3. FOYO (Focus on Your Own)

Sometimes it helps to take a break from staring at the “bigger picture” and investing in your own family and friends. We can become bogged down by those who surround us. Educate them on what the news and media hasn’t told them. Convince them to join you in #1 (volunteering). You may even bring positive energy into your inner circle through good conversation.

4. Study [Insert Race Here] Culture

Don’t trust in the books from elementary and high school. Assigned reading material should be overlooked and traded for non-filtered reads. Keyword “assigned”. You know based on targeted adverts and what they choose to send to theaters, we are condition to accept certain stereotypes and “facts” regarding others. Gain some knowledge, and stop trusting in what the television provides you. Everyone has a boss, and everyone is told to filter some bit of what they give us. Research.

5. Separate Yourself From Social Media

Negativity in any form is toxic. Social media has hit its brim with it. The world seems to thrive on it as late. It is what oxygen once was – essential for life. Please power down sometimes and allow yourself some true freedom. Being informed is wonderful, but it becomes counterproductive when rage and anger engulfs it. I found you have a lot of people “talking out the side of their mouth” and throwing their opinion around like they studied what they’re discussing, or lived it even. You can’t always feed into it or read the “news”.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤