“The hardest part of ending is starting again.”
– Chester Bennington

A since of calm lingers in the air, giving its most tantalizing dance to the shattered remains of millions. It stays just out of reach, providing false hope and shaken prayers. The world rests on a continuous loop of sorrow and heartbreak, manmade disasters and natural ones, personal torment and bullying, starvation and gluttony. What we have become is an echo of the very wild animals our race hunts for skin, hair, and organs. This reality falls on deaf ears in place of “entertainment”. For decades society has been force fed images and thoughts that don’t reflect their true selves (the soul self). Within that is the fear of erasing everything and starting again because there is seemingly no “real” source to start from. How terrifying it must be to see yourself in your truth for the first time, and then lead a life you believe in.

A life lived wrapped up in fear of action instead of taking it is a life un-lived. Your fantasies shouldn’t be the ones sleeping beside you at night, your best reality should be with you when you wake. I’m saying this to say…We can’t control much in this world, but we can maneuver our own journeys to sway and inspire events around us. So, make that move, make that change, and make that fiction, non-fiction. I believe in you because there is no one like you. In a world built on sorrow, focus on your joy. If you don’t have it, please try to create it. I know it is often easier said than done, but you deserve to be happy.

You deserve the same reality you’ve probably helped someone around you build. Don’t let life’s breakdowns be your ultimate letdown. You can do this. Just…resurface.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

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