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“Every child, no matter who he or she is, should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.” 

Black History Month Photo Features President Obama and young child.

We have witnessed many iconic moments together. We have endured terrifying days, troublesome nights, inspirational mornings, and peaceful evenings all the same. However, in the midst of all that we see we can lose the will to work and fight for our own achievements. For some of you, you are always looking out for the next guy and not really looking out for yourself. So, your dreams have fallen to the waist side and you’re not sure you deserve to go after them now. Well, you do. We all deserve, no matter our age, to live our dreams. They can be small, medium, or large, but the point is they are things you wish to achieve. What is life if you’re not aiming for something greater? What is life if you’re not moving toward that one “farfetched” dream you have? You never know what you’re capable of or what can happen. Don’t live with regrets. Live only with love in your heart and fire (passion) in your mind.

What if I tried and failed?

The term “failed” is so broad. Its meaning is misused so frequently. If you tried to follow your dream then all you discovered is the path you took was wrong. We never fail, but we always learn. Did you stop to think that maybe the reason you dreamt of this one goal was for the wrong reasons? Let’s say…you wanted to be famous. If I asked you why you wanted to be famous and you said, “To be loved and adored,” I would stop you right there. What I’m really hearing is that you don’t love yourself and you’re seeking validation from strangers. The reason you think you “failed” with that dream is because a higher purpose knew you weren’t truly wishing for it for the right reasons. You weren’t going to chase fame to do good with it. You would have problem gotten it and faced tragedies you could never be ready for. Instead of taking time to find yourself and love yourself, the weight of fame could cause your internal wounds to expand and lead to self-destruction.

I am not being a pessimist. It is simply that sometimes we don’t know what we truly need within the wishes and hopes we have.

Something somewhere tried to save you from yourself. If you looked at famous people and listened to their sadness, you can come to appreciate why you were deterred from it. A missed plane ride, a skipped appointment, a cold. Whatever kept you from that “break through” was not a coincidence. You are here to do what you want to do, but the lucky ones are presented with it when they are ready. So, if you still want those dreams…Get ready.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

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  • Beatrice Pavlova

    I love that you highlight this line “I am not being a pessimist. It is simply that sometimes we don’t know what we truly need within the wishes and hopes we have.”

    It’s so honest. This blog gives my dreams hope and my mind the will to make sure of reasons why I want these things.

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