Perpetual Warrior

I am what they call a “perpetual warrior”.

There is a natural born fighter that shakes me to the core when any signs of giving up ensues. It was likely passed down to me by my mother (born on this day some beautiful years ago – I love you!). So what does it mean to be a perpetual warrior?

Have you ever began a task that seems impossible? The result seems downright fantasy, but you put it in your mind to conquer anyway. You’ve been knocked down so many times by potential failures, but something drags you right back up to keep on trucking. All people were created to pursue their heart’s passion no matter the constraints this world places on them. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes it or feels that they are worth their own journey. Some folks are “team support” and “team challenge. We’re all significant in our roles. We work as a unit during life’s journey trying to make sense of occurrences and events that remain beyond us. We also try to become the best version of ourselves. There are moments where some people are even trying to be the best version of someone else. If it takes you doing that to figure out your self worth, do it. If you have a tendency to get stuck in it, stop. Remember, we are all worthy warriors, but not everyone is a leader right off.

Many people say, “I am not a follower.”

Well, the honest to God truth is we are followers in one way, shape, or fashion. Whether it is a follower of God, a religious entity, a spiritual entity, a person, or a goal. You are following an idea which inspires you to move forward in life. It is what makes you a perpetual warrior. You believe strongly in this fact: if you stop, you fail and if you fail, your life to this point has meant nothing. If you know what I know, it is that you are worth everything and then some. You matter, your life matters, your beliefs matter, and your dreams matter. Be proud that you don’t “know how” to give up. At least there is something inside and/or around you that keeps you moving, shaking, and breathing.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤


  • I never looked at it that way! We are followers of some degree it is a natural instinct to do so. Follow a thought, a dream, a role model, we will do it. This explains what I said on your “Toy Soldier” entry. <333

  • I definitely believe in the theory that we can be both a leader and a follower. It’s what makes things so great. Some of us were chosen to both follow whether it be a thought, a person, a religious entity but also to lead as in to take advantage of the path we were given to usher others into following along with us. I mean, after all. That’s what a blog is for!

    I like that, by the way. “Perpetual Warrior.” Has a very amazing ring to it.

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