Perpetual Warrior

Perpetual Warrior


Veronica N. Davis [born February 22, 1991], best known by her moniker VNDavis, is an American author, journalist, actress, singer, and graphic artist. Among all her passions fiction is nearest to her heart. She has gone from an underground fan fiction writer to a novelist with messages of love and acceptance in her literature. On September 24, 2009 her premiere novel Blind Thirst was published. For nearly 4 years she remained relatively quiet in order to complete college. Just before graduating, she published Tomorrow Never Came (January 20, 2013). Her novels are available from bookstores worldwide.

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  1. Dana Hughes

    yay warriors forever! happy birthday to #dad! i love you V!

  2. Saliah

    Eu estarei com você para sempre. Amo-te.

  3. Regina Walker

    I never looked at it that way! We are followers of some degree it is a natural instinct to do so. Follow a thought, a dream, a role model, we will do it. This explains what I said on your “Toy Soldier” entry. <333

  4. Jasemine-Denise

    I definitely believe in the theory that we can be both a leader and a follower. It’s what makes things so great. Some of us were chosen to both follow whether it be a thought, a person, a religious entity but also to lead as in to take advantage of the path we were given to usher others into following along with us. I mean, after all. That’s what a blog is for!

    I like that, by the way. “Perpetual Warrior.” Has a very amazing ring to it.

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