Our Expression of Life

Our expression of life - Veronica N. Davis Blog Entry

“Only in America.”
– United States Citizens

“Only in America,” became a standard phrase two weeks ago. Stunned Americans seemed to have forgotten where they reside. This land is one that lives with openly racist standards (media), misogynistic motives (workplace), which prides itself on manufactured celebrities, news, and food. Given what we know about the personas that ran this year, I understand. Each of you reading this has to move beyond the mascot of our country and focus on its heart and soul. The electoral vote will not be our demise.

Unfortunately our people who truly care for this nation were not heard. Betrayal has claimed many great people. You are the one that has to acknowledge a very simple, unavoidable truth. You have to have you own back. This is the land that bails themselves out, not you – the people that built it.

I hope everyone notices that we have to be our own solution.

If the past has taught us anything it is that we have to fend for ourselves. We have to unite as a community to prosper. Most Americans are in debt yet they continue to vouch for a country that would never lend a hand to them.

Don’t invest your anger into an entity that clearly disregards your voice. Improve your own situation and study hard. You have to study! I’m not talking books, I’m talking about the very methods our government uses to prosper. Find your way. Find the path that will lead you to true freedom. Freedom doesn’t come with a “Provided by the US Government” sticker.

Freedom comes from wisdom, effort, focus, determination, and community. Familiarize yourself with your neighbors, work on creating multiple streams of revenue, study the laws that have blocked you from flourishing – study them hard and learn from the country that has defeated every one that stood in its way.

Favored parties were not at the center of the election. It was not about disdain for a female or respect for a ruthless creature. The “United States of America” revealed the lengths it would go through to skim on assisting the masses. My bottom line is…

Has your life changed with either party in office?

Has it improved your own life in your own community? Did you go out and help your own neighbor? Please remember where your energy belongs. Please hold on to the fact that positivity conquers negativity – physically or mentally. We are all souls on a journey and no matter how that may sound it’s true. The vessels and the falsities this world has provided us are not real or of any real quality to us.

I need you to rise above your circumstances and the media headlines. Don’t be distracted from improving yourself and those around you. We are the majority. Make your expression of life a positive and spread love always.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌💙