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On The Horizon - A Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

Change isn’t easy because it means your level of comfort has been disrupted. You’re outside your element and in your mind you’re flailing around hoping for the best, but on the outside you’re holding it together. That’s how it’s been for me lately.

It’s been an incredible year…

For Veronica N. Davis – the woman and the company. I graduated college for the second time with a degree in Design & Technology with a focus on graphic & web design. When working with clients I wanted to showcase real world experience and present an academic background – it shows dedication, awareness, skill, and certain degree of self-motivation. I worked full-time and went to school full-time online for my second degree. All of this has led to a grand expansion for the “VND” brand.

I went from managing multiple small companies – whom I am so happy to call friends and clients – to maintaining 2 international corporations. It is as challenging as it is fulfilling and I love it. I love making people happy. Molding something out of nothing which eventually represents brands in a way they truly value lifts me up. My dreams have unfolded before my eyes, but I remain diligent. My career and business are my babies and I want to make sure everything I do is “Grade A”. This means continuous education, awareness of my industry and my client’s, and engaging in every experience linked to the design world.

I’ve worked relentlessly…

Although I’ve worked relentlessly and continue to, I’ve had a great mentor. He helped me evolve and challenges me with new creative assignments. I appreciate my journey, and I’m proud of the struggle. Granted, if I lost everything I probably wouldn’t be. That’s just me being honest. However, I never let that thought overpower or drown out my goals. It forces me to press on. I compete with myself to do better, and I embrace change (with complaints here and there – again, being honest) to the best of my ability. It can be scary, but it is often more worth it to be fearful and risk taking, than comfortable and complacent. Challenge yourself to embrace change regardless of the feelings associated, and see where it takes you. Believe in you. Not many others will, but I promise you…I do.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

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