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Point of Infliction

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Point of Infliction was due to be released before Tomorrow Never Came, but was delayed due to writer’s block. Tomorrow Never Came was a smoother piece to write at the time.

Nara by E.S. Posthumus was the driving force behind this novel. I played that song over 430 times during the POI writing phase.

There were no personal ties from me to this book. It was derived from international and domestic news and media.

Prodigal by One Republic was one of the songs that helped the character development of Derek Caldwell.

In one of the deleted scenes of POI, Mariah Green was projected as a serial killer.

Derek Caldwell shares a birthday with Vlad the Impaler.

Camille means noble, free-born and Derek means “Gifted ruler”. Both characters were named in terms of strength and/or purpose.

Gary & Connie have a longer story line that was removed from the final piece.

Grandfather Caldwell & Arabella Caldwell were spontaneous characters, created as fillers, that evolved into having more than just a “one liner”.



Tomorrow Never Came

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After I watched ‘Haunting in Conneticut’ with Kyle Gallner, I started writing this novel.

Yoshi is of Indian heritage.

Olivia is mixed race, Black/Asian.

Kyle and Naomi were an interracial couple and had a very traditional, classic teen romance.

The story’s prologue was written in 2011.

Tomorrow Never Came was planned to come out after Point of Infliction, but TNC flowed smoother at the time than POI which followed its release.

The dedication in TNC was dedicated to two individuals, intertwined into a single piece.

Jazzy Knight was inspired by a street musician I saw while living in Florida.

Blind Thirst was mentioned in Tomorrow Never Came by Naomi while speaking with Kyle.

The water gun fight was inspired by childhood events.

Tomorrow Never Came was a type of diary for teens and parents that I wrote to connect the two.



Blind Thirst

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My #1 thing I always want my readers to know is, my books are diverse. I went to a high school that was a beautfiul array of culture and backgrounds that astounded me. My books reflect something I find intensely beautiful: tradition and roots. My “cast” or characters rather, are of multiple different backgrounds.

Blind Thirst was written in 3 months. I used to go to the computer lab at my high school, sit in the back, and type up everything I’d wrote in class.

Uncle Ben’s humor mimicks the behavior of one of my uncles.

The characters were named after my family members. I am extremely family-oriented, so that was bound to happen.

The cover of “BT” features a photo I took in the Bahamas my first time there (2009).