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Point of Infliction

“It was very entertaining, colorful language, good friend support system, fun twists, sexy behavior from a sexy man. Great indie novel!”
-Zandra Davis

“Well written, excellent novel. Brilliant writer!”
-Gakeela Armstrong

“I have read all three of Veronica Davis’ books and this is by far my favorite. It’s gutsy, it’s risky, and it’s probably the most terrifying real books I’ve ever read. This isn’t a horror story you tell at night to scare your kids, this is a realistic portrayal of what’s going on in the world today being told from two different perspectives. One is from a kind-hearted writer, the other from a stone cold killer…. Or so we suspect. The book will keep you engaged with it’s gruesome plot, it’s undiscovered romance, and the pictures painted by Davis to portray a small town full of professional misfits. As stated before, this is my favorite out of Davis’ books thus far.”

“My review for people looking to buy this: Fantastic book that I am in love with – could not stop thinking of – could not stop dwelling on. Veronica let you inside the heart and mind of a killer whose purpose you kind of regret to admit was actual a good thing – don’t know what kind of person that makes me. But Veronica makes you think about the condition of the world while keeping you wondering who will fall victim next. She is the queen of unpredictable plot twists. This genre suits her! Darkness when written by her is alluring contemplative and true to life. Humbling ending too. Gosh! I am sorry I draw on.”
-Yvette Green

That book that I’ve been reading is Point of Infliction by Veronica N. Davis, and I have to say, it lived up to all the anticipation and suspense! The plot follows the lives of those living in a town soon struck with many tragedies, all tied together by one thing: a mysterious man whose idea of justice is corrupt and unnatural. Camille Moore is one of those lives affected, having once had a sister fall victim to this man; however, Camille will find herself unknowingly close to this man. This man, whose last name is quite the talk of the town for other reasons, has a reputation, but not for what he should. As the story unfolds, you fall into the depths of the story trying to discover if Camille will get out of the darkness that is Derek Caldwell, or if she will fall victim to the fate her sister once experienced.

Whilst reading the novel, I was excited to discover more about both Camille and Derek, and excited to discover what fate lie ahead for the two of them. There were a few parts that left me feeling a little confused, due to the magnitude of main characters, but by the end all confusion was alleviated. The story comes together at the end and ties up loose ends. Though the ending does strike hard, I couldn’t help but empathize with Derek because of his honest intentions. Despite his corrupt methods, and disturbing nature, I can’t help but understand why he does what he does; that is truly an impressive thing to accomplish on Veronica Davis’s part, to which I applaud her.

Overall, I would rate Point of Infliction 4.8/5 because it was essentially perfect! The only thing I would have needed for a perfect rating was a little more clarity in the parts of the novel that followed secondary characters; since there were so many names, I struggled to remember who was who – though that could be because of my struggle to focus at night after a long day at work.
-Casual Book Reviews

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Tomorrow Never Came

“You will not be disappointed! Definitely give this book a chance. It will take you on an unexpected ride. I loved it.”
-VND Fan

“Veronica Davis’s Tomorrow Never Came is a daring & emotionally charged story that explores the ups and downs of growing up as a teen in today’s society. Beautifully written, this book gripped me from the beginning and the characters stayed with me long after it ended. Naomi and her friends lead you through the many issues of our teens from troubles coming out to being all your parents and friends wish you to be. Not only does this book tell a wonderful story, it leaves you wanting more.”

“Firstly, Veronica N. Davis is a pretty amazing talent. Very diverse in her skills, very caring of people in general. Advocate of many things. But I must be honest. I was extremely displeased with her first novel (Blind Thirst) but wanted to give her another chance – she was just a kid (17) when she wrote it (18) once published…. Now, I would say Ms. Davis got it right. In “Tomorrow Never Came” you can tell she has evolved into a true writer and it is not so “swift” and “overdone”. She is not cranking out a quickie for her schoolmates to read, she actually has a tale to tell. It is incredibly well-written. She is well-versed. It is evident she has a message in this book for teenagers and young adults so I would recommend it to ages 15 – 24. There are characters you would feel isolated from but then their story suddenly resonates with you and you have a burning hatred for the “villains”. She weaved a story around teen angst and made it bittersweet. It’s a reality we deal with with a ending we all can appreciate. Definitely read this. If you read “Blind Thirst” then here is your round two and you won’t be disappointed at all. I am very proud of her for this one. She redeemed herself and she is only getting better. A young talent with an incredible gift that she has crafted and made even better.”

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Blind Thirst

This novel was a great read and a great first book for Davis! She’s a very gifted writer, although there were some points I wanted more, but this is a well-written A- novel. The only reason it gets an A- is because i wish it was longer. I really enjoyed Alessandria and Uncle Benjamin they are well depicted characters. I am eager for whatever Veronica does next!”
– Toya

“Up and coming author Veronica N. Davis made her debut with this novel and what a debut it is. She has entertained hundreds of people that I have had the pleasure of talking to. BLIND THIRST is perfect for young adults and adults. The descriptions are perfect, the way she takes you on twists and turns and ends right where you belong. She leaves some things to the reader’s imagination whereas some scenes are do detailed you get the picture perfectly. My favorite character is Uncle Benjamin he adds great humor to this piece. And Andrew is just a sexy sly man. He is perfectly conniving. I recommend Twilight and Vampire Diaries fans to purchase this novel! GREAT READ!”
– Jason

“a really good book. It proves that at 18 years old when she published it with no writing background academically, she has a lot to give the fiction world. She’s an outstanding person and a lot of us are looking forward to her next novel due for a 2012 release. BLIND THIRST was written for a particular group of people (vampire and tiger lovers). It is written by a teen for teens so it’s not going to be TOP NOTCH but it’s a perfect start to a wonderful career for Davis in writing.”
– B&N Reviewer

With all these vampire novels coming around this 1 holds my attention for one reason: the author who wrote it wrote it as a teen. that right there makes me go F*** YES I’M IN! The book itself was greatly written && had some amazing @$$ twists and turns in it. i think DAVIS is capable of reaching deep into the “dark side” because in some parts she really shocks you with some creepy ish! When it comes to forbidden romance, which the author herself knows a bit about 😉 (UM VERONICA ROCKS) … I was super into it!! She’s real good at giving character’s chemistry as well as HUMOR. My fav character is Uncle B man! He’s freakin’ awesome! I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR TEENS 14 AND UP, FYI! IT’S AWESOME!
– Mat James

I got this book Christmas day and sat myself down and started reading it right away lol. i guess my mom was tired of me talking about the author lol…she’s awesome and i wanted to check out her work. in my head its like movie style awesome which is great. yu can see n visualize EVERYTHING and its a fun read! i enjoyed 3 characters in particular altho you can identify with all of them. if you read the book, you know who! Veronica, as an author, has a very unique and interesting way of tying things together very clever like. to know this her with what my mom calls ‘raw talent’ i just know shes preparing to kick some butt with her next book [yes…i follow her on twitter (@VNDavis) and i read the blogs I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER] Blind Thirst is what she refers to as ‘getting her foot in the door’ with her generation but her real plans exceed this and i just cant wait, but EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK OUT BLIND THIRST, FOR THE FUN, DRAMA, SEXY, CRAZY, COOLNESS of it. It’s not Twilight, that was never her intention and she did darn good keeping it out of that category. [plus her book is just more awesome, just not as many people know about it]. Well worth a read. If you don’t want to pay for it she even said to have your local library request it. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because i wanted it to be longer. i fell in love with these characters instantly and it just seemed so short lived 🙁 but overall it was a GREAT read and a GREAT first novel.
– Kiera S.