Point of Infliction by Veronica N. Davis

A woman’s life, as delicate as a flower, and as vulnerable as glass to concrete, pivots on the axis of life and death. Providence can warn her, instinct can shout to her to avoid the looming darkness. but she would discover it too difficult to ignore. Intoxicating and alluring, it would pull her in without effort, and strip away every sense of security she had. All those “it could never happen to me” thoughts would cease to enter her mind, and life would prove as agonizing as she imagined it could never be.

Providence was mother nature. Instinct was human nature. The darkness was Derek Caldwell.

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Tomorrow Never Came by Veronica N. Davis

After the death of her baby brother, 17-year-old Naomi Knight rediscovers happiness in the hearts of her friends and family. Reveling in the love of all whom are dear to her, she fails to notice the chaos spreading around her. When her friend Natasha Reed is sexually assaulted everything that was once pure falls away. Hate crimes, deception, and pain grip the town of Silver Creek. In the midst of everything, Naomi finds that her life hangs in the balance just as the students of Silver Creek High when one of their own walks into the school, gun in hand, revenge in mind.

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Blind Thirst by Veronica N. Davis

Alessandria Calligenia is determined to save her father’s name, tarnished by centuries of damage caused by the Vacherie´s. The war between the undead and the living has begun. Faced with a past she had no control over, Alessandria becomes trapped in a turbulent world she can’t escape on her own. Darkness has fallen on everything in her path, but within that blackness light is found in Ethan Hassan. The only question is will that light set her free or destroy her?

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