New Year, Same Vee

New Year, Same Me (Vee) - A Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

“New Year, New Me”

“New Year, New Me” was a fine concept once upon a time. January 1st meant erasing every flaw, negative thought, and unfavorable trait, both physical and mental. That idea once sent me into a spiral of negative thoughts. I viewed myself as “less than” instead of “worthy” because I was constantly attempting to rewrite myself. Although I never truly lost myself, I was undervaluing my personality, my passions, and my legacy while changing my perceived faults – or trying to.

While positive self-improvement is a great step forward, it isn’t a method to undo who you are and where you have been. This daily, hourly, second-ly task was causing me to disregard myself. Eventually I found it to be the case that “New Year, Same Me” was the route to go. There was no need to “wipe myself out”. I should instead take into account my struggles, my failures, my wins, my goals, and my will as one whole.

I’ve found my truth.

“New Year, Same Vee” is simply to say I’ve discovered the ultimate truth as it pertains to me. Each year I have an opportunity to build myself up even more, outdo myself, and uplifting myself instead of trying to change every thing I nitpick at. “New Me” once registered in my mind as a requirement to destroy parts of myself in favor of what I imagined was “better”. I forget about what made me me. Now, “Same Vee” reminds me that every pro and con is why I am who I am. It is why I can help others, learn from them, feel, respond, think, take action, etc. Every little upset, hiccup, past esteem issues, have led me to the woman I am. To create a new me would cause this version of me, which I am proud of and learning from each day, to vanish.

Well, it’s safe to say I’m not going anywhere.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

One Response to “New Year, Same Vee

  • Matt Q.
    4 years ago

    (tries to type in proper sentences because you are an author)

    Veronica, I never thought of it this way. I think you are a very deep thinker. Found you on Instagram and I have to say, you are a gifted young woman with a lot of wisdom bundled in a beautiful package. I’ll be checking your site from now on for more wisdom posts. Thank you.

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