Newsletter 22 Q&A

I’ve received your questions from creatives who want to be featured, but need guidance on what they should send in. By now you have heard that I am seeking artists, designers, directors, writers, photographers,  and more to be featured in Newsletter 22. This idea originated with my cousin Jasemine-Denise and naturally she will be the first showcase. The date of her feature will be announced when I return to Chicago.

It’s Truly As Simple As 1-2-3!

If you’re like me, you don’t appreciate drawn out processes. Take mail-in rebates as an example. It’s like, “Just give me the deal and let me move on with my life!” So, I won’t keep you.

Here it is:


Remember, tell a friend, co-worker, or anyone you feel has amazing content to share. If your submission is approved you will be notified  of the day it will be sent out. You’ll even see it on my official site!

Now that you know how to get in, let’s address questions I have already received.

Questions on Getting “N”22


Q. What type of material are you looking for, Veronica?

A. Anything and everything that is creative without being derogatory, racist, sexist, or degrading in any way. I am not specifically looking to get any one type of artist or photographer and so on. Being a blogger, I also accept written pieces – whether it is a current event or a personal story. I want it if it holds value to you and you’re willing to share it.


Q. If it is written are there any limits to how much I can write?

A. Actually, no. A condensed version will be shared in Newsletter 22, and a lengthier one will be here at You’ll have your own section called Newsletter 22 Features and have your named tagged for those who want to do 2-part features.


Q. Are nature shots okay? I’m a photographer.

A. You know me. I love nature. Of course that’s okay.


Q. Do I have to subscribe to your Newsletter even though I am an avid follower of your website? It’s my homepage! <33333

A. Awww. Yes, you do. The only way to be featured (as well as the 3 steps above) is to be subscribed to N22. It’s ours. The new FUBU hahaha. Thanks for sticking around with me though. Love the love.


Q. Can we feature pieces on charities?

A. Sounds like a great blog feature to me. It has to be in sync with you and your values toward it.


Q. You said storytellers and authors and writers can be in it. What’s the difference?

A. Storytellers are not published. Authors are. Writers can be categorized as bloggers, screenwriters, and so on. I wanted to express that all writers – even journalists – are welcome to share their positive pieces that will help brighten someone’s day, express great emotion, and create something amazing with others.


Q. Do I have to write about myself with my feature?

A. I would love if you did so we can not only see your work, but get to know you.


That covers it for now. If you have any additional questions, leave them below or send them to


Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤