Mind Your Moments

“Defining moments. You never really know what they are until they’ve passed you up. Someone tells you to sit back and reflect on your life as you know it and that’s when it hits you.” – Tomorrow Never Came, (pg. 85)

There has been so much confusion, deceit, and mayhem in the world. It has rapidly evolved to tremendous, terrifying, and troubling new heights. As a trained journalist, I have a natural curiosity about current events, but as a softie I find it hard to stomach most of what I read. To a certain level I find it helpful. Why? Because it teaches me to value everyone I have in my life at this very moment, instead of looking back in retrospect and realizing how amazing they are. Most of us go through life blaming life for our lack of vitality, and to some extent that blame is justifiable, but that’s not the only factor. Tonight, I would like to challenge you. We all know how fast life goes, so try this:

1. Slow down.

2. Breathe deeply.

3. Look around your environment or visit a place you love.

4. Think of who you love or cherish most in your life.

5. Tell them how you feel.

Because, what if they don’t wake up tomorrow, and you just assumed they knew that they were appreciated, loved, and admired? Express yourself. Your true self. You never know what or how the next person is feeling. Don’t let those defining moments become engulfed by the bad days, and don’t rush the good times because they’ll leave soon enough on their own. All those birthdays, hospital stays, helping out around the house, going to that store you despised but your sister, brother, or mother loved. Also, that favorite gift you got that you just knew you’d never get, who gave it to you? Those events that temporarily demolishes what destroys our world, thank the people that made it happen for you. Be with the people that made it happen for you, and if you swear up and down there’s no one, you’ve got me.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤