Introduction to Fear

Welcome to Introduction to Fear.


My name is Veronica N. Davis, and I will be your instructor for Introduction to Fear. I will be sharing with you methods to overcome or better handle your fears. Over the course of this blog series (#FEAR MORE), and every one thereafter, we will be friends battling our internal wars as one. This post represents the beginning of many beginnings. Our lives will change for the better through acknowledgement, knowledge, and the power to change our own circumstances and views. This will include uncommon woes that some may feel they have suffered alone, as well as common apprehensions that you may laugh at (though I wish you wouldn’t – united we stand, baby). Together we will overcome everything holding us back.

Remember that life is an amazing series of chaos, craziness, and characters. We exist in instances sliced into hours, minutes, seconds. None of them should be spent in fear or worry. Let’s banish our fears and f.e.a.r more. Let’s face everything and rise.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤