Into the Unknown

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Into the Unknown - A Veronica N. Davis Blog Entry - Linkin Park Chester Bennington Farewell

“When I look to the stars I know just where you are.”
Dead By Sunrise

Sometimes it’s difficult to put emotions to words, and I find myself imagining what they would express if I knew them. In this dark room I contemplated words and emotions alike. That’s the tricky part about this blog. Even in the darkness I want a light to shine bright, bright enough to the point that eventually the sun shines again. This space isn’t a place for sadness, but of inspiration. Similar to the people and things we hold dear, we don’t hold them so close because they should or will hurt us. We enjoy them, we respect them, we love them. I sincerely love all of you, and respect you, and enjoy our chats together.

Unfortunately, it seems this year has been one of grieving for many of us in one way or another. The bad has attempted to overpower the good, leaving some feeling defeated or even betrayed. That feeling won’t break you because you will always come back with a vengeance. I honestly don’t know how we do it, but we often do.

I’ve heard and felt so much grief regarding the people closest and farthest to me that I nearly shut down. Sometimes you have to just to repair yourself because literally everything starts within you. That’s the bottom line, and please don’t overlook it. We look outward instead of inward and build up issues that feel endless. It’s an immensely powerful energy that exhausts our soul, and in that has the power to break us. That is why we should find time to “check in” mentally. Notice how you feel, why your mood changed, why your body tensed…

There’s so much happening and so quickly that I hope you catch your breath. We’ve been here before, yet this time it is different. There’s an unknown element and a hint of deja vu. Time will tell what it means. In time you will see that everything’s going to be alright even if some of us have ventured into the unknown familiarity of life without.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

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