Monday, May 25

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It is always great to encounter new people and get to know their individual goals, careers, and companies. Whether it is a family affair or a corporate shindig, my goal is to bring creative visions to life and give you a unique and everlasting digital imprint. I am honored you chose to look around my graphic design art gallery and end up here. Thank you in advance for reaching out to me. I look forward to working with you on your graphic design projects and hope you have a wonderful day.

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Veronica N. Davis


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Upon accepting your quote from Veronica N. Davis, you will receive a request for payment for 50% of your order. This was instated to protect the work and time spent on our project(s), as well as lock both parties into a partnership. After the project is complete you will receive another request for the final 50% of your invoice. When and only when your final payment is made will you receive finalized artwork. Designs created by Veronica N. Davis are not to be recreated or completed by a third party. If services should be discontinued during the design process, all creative rights are reserved to Veronica N. Davis.