Give Up Giving Up

Give Up Giving Up - Veronica N. Davis - Blogger Graphic Designer Author

“Never lose a holy curiosity.” – Albert Einstein

It’s time to give up giving up.

You didn’t quite make it this time. It may feel as though you never have in every attempt you’ve made thus far. You are all too familiar with being overwhelmed, your resources have failed to be as useful as you’d hoped, and your support team has grown lackluster, or even nonexistent. Now the fire you’ve always had is burning out. Your focus on the task of success has shifted to comfort zone living. You’ve given up on something you’ve considered to be your purpose for years because it hasn’t worked out yet.

It’s time to devise a new order of operations.

You have to give up giving up and believe in a simple fact. Aspirations don’t have expirations. The journey is truly the goal, an endless variety of accomplishments that you achieve in increments. Some are so seemingly minuscule you may miss them, but you have in fact succeeded that portion of your dream. You’re eager for the finish line as it relates to the biggest picture, but you’ve overlooked the bottom line. Your life in its totality is an endless road with cracks, bumps, roadblocks, stop signs, green lights, and yellow ones. Within the zigzag, bumpy, headache filled excursion are rewards, fond memories, and delights that are unique to you. Acknowledge them. Seek them out. Think about the good times and how they will aid your dreams, instead of tearing yourself down for having them in the first place.

Curiosity breads courage.

If you live your life with constant vigor, you’ll remain 2 steps ahead of your fears, your upsets, your setbacks, etc. Don’t sweat the small downs, but celebrate the ups – big and small. You’d be surprised how much that could change your mood.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

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