Thank you.

It felt right to begin this entry on this day with those 2 words. I mean it in a vast, endless, universal way. That statement of gratitude is for every soul that has crossed paths with mine or united alongside me in a battle of love, acceptance, and peace. Whether it’s been 25 years, 7 years, 4 months, or 3 minutes. Thank you for being here and thinking this is all worth listening to. ūüėČ

All of what we’ve done and will do is critical to who we will grow to be as human beings.¬†I’m proud of us! Now, don’t you sit there and say, “You don’t know me. You can’t be proud of me.” That just makes me sad because we are forever works in progress on a path to discovering a simple truth in a complex world. That truth for me has been this: Being an individual and appreciating yourself is all that matters. Between 2009 and 2015 I was working on myself to come to love me. I didn’t do a shoot last year for that reason. I wanted time to be “inside my soul” and listen to myself without the noise of others interfering.

Now, I’m ready for anything. This is my 25th year on Earth and it’ll be profound…because I said so.

Veronica N. Davis in 2009, 2013, 2014, and now (in the background)

This post was titled “Exordium” because I feel like my slate’s been cleaned of the heavy heart I held for the world. I let go of every person that was taking up space, and failing to move forward. I couldn’t hold that weight anymore and I noticed it only made me¬†hurt.¬†I realized I can love without feeling sorrowful all the time. It took practice and solitude. There was a lot of meditation (and still is). The reason this site¬†shifted in its purpose was because I was emotionally exhausted. After I stopped watching the news and discovering¬†causes to try to turn around, my chest loosened up and I could breathe better. Social media fell by off because I was seeing too much negativity (not from supporters just in general). My creativity struggled due to a saddened¬†heart and the unsub was billions of strangers. I can’t live like that. Especially as a Pisces (yeah, I took it there hahaha).

People always tells me I’m silly, and in the same breath call me “so serious”. That’s me. However, when my serious became anger and disappointment…I stepped back. I’ll continue to bring awareness to things I love and have grave concern about, but I won’t be engrossing myself too deeply into the lives of more than a few people at a time. I know better than to say “at all” because I’ll always worry and care about people, particularly those who want help or help themselves too. My books will express much of this as well. You know my drill. All things must have purpose before they come from me to you.¬†I want to create great fiction and art and be able to say we did it together, if not I did it for you. Time continues to move, but there is a constant in all this: love. “Love Always”¬†is forever and boundless. That is something we all need and will never be in short supply of.

Love Always,


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