Equal Marriage Ignored By Major Media Outlets

Can we talk?

I mean really talk? About equal marriage…

Guys, the LGBT community has come a very long way and it has taken years to get where we’ve gotten. Still, people try to hold the LGBTQ family back, and suppress the dynamic steps we’ve taken as a whole. They also ignore those who actively make changes to support us.

 BBC News, Channel 4 News and other media outlets failed to give sufficient coverage of this week’s historic passing of same-sex marriage in Parliament.

Needless to say, some of my friends “across the pond” had no idea this even occurred. And I’m talking about my friends who have made it a habit to watch the news and read the newspaper…We are talking hardcopy articles here! I would like for you guys to read this article: here. Benjamin Cohen, founder of Out4Marriage and poster to PinkNews, was quoted saying: “So Kate not giving birth yet is a BBC News at 10 story but the end of centuries of inequality for gay people isn’t? “.

I absolutely agree with his dismay.

Society is so caught up in the obsession of (royal and) celebrity life that they’ve overlooked their own. They’ve repeatedly failed to acknowledge the positives in life, they exploit the negatives, and remain hung up on the rich and famous. It’s amazing. Some stories don’t make the news for editorial reasons, and as a journalist I am aware of that, but as a human being, I view this as a real disgrace. I am fairly positive most people don’t even know the great thing Parliament did for the community. Media outlets rather form armies of bashers, than congratulate the far and in between wins we do have as members of society.

Thanks a lot, she says sarcastically. Thank you very much.