Dream Blog Entry From Veronica N. Davis.

At night I dream of people I know. We are often in some faraway land beyond my physical self’s reach. In those fantasies there are no negative energies or occurrences. There is no sorrow, greed, or injustice. Instead, there are feelings of unending elation and freedom. These are 2 elements I wish humankind could truly live and understand. Joy should be a naturally occurring feeling and liberty should just be.

However, I wake. I wake to a world that is anything but. It is designed this way, therefore we feel trapped and ashamed of what we are. Man created all of this manmade items and standards to prey on our beautiful imperfections. They’ve made positives into negatives and happiness into hatred. We are viewed as serial numbers and dollar signs instead of souls here for our respective journeys.

Many people spend their lives working hard for a government that doesn’t deserve them. Think about it. They’ve made retirement harder, they’ve made apartment living pricier that owning a home in Texas for crying out loud, and they made houses that took $12,000 to build cost $350,000 to purchase when 50 years ago that very house could’ve been bought for $18,500. I’m not exaggerating. I used my own home as an example. No one should be made to work 9-5 and beyond to literally only have enough money to barely eat and pay their bills. It especially bugs me when we talk about natural resources (water, gas, heat, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

With all this and more going in the world, how could you remember that you’re beyond it? How could you know that you’re special when you’re working your life away? How can you remember you have a voice when you’re “just a sale’s associates” or “just an errand boy”?

Sweethearts, you’ve got the power to dream. As long as you believe in those dreams you can reshape our world. 


You’ve heard this before, but it is time you heard it once more. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Yet, here you are continuing to doubt your natural born greatness because you aren’t (insert celebrity or political party name here). The reason our world has fallen is because all the wrong people are influencing it. You’ve got to believe in yourself because if you do you will become unstoppable.

We need you. Your friends need you, your parents need you, your cousins need you, your dogs need you, your cats need you, I need you. Have you ever heard the saying, “Misery loves company”? When you look around you really look around you. When you take the blindfolds off and see what “they” didn’t want you to see, how do you feel? Angry? Sad? Depressed? Like fighting? Align that energy with something that can lead to a positive change. Start feeding positive thoughts into your world and it’ll naturally expand your space. Stop letting the TV make you think you’re less than what I know you are. You’re fxxking amazing, but you have got to think for yourself, feel for yourself, be yourself.

I turned my dreams into reality for the people in my immediate world. We are all trying to spread that on a continuous bases. The process starts with saying, “This is not how my story ends. This is not how my life was made to be lived.” Don’t let the thought of the process and the “work” deter you from making a change. Keep dreaming and always believe in the process of happiness. Life is too short to be so heartbroken and worn out. We can make it better with positive thoughts and actions because without action we are only living a reverie.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤