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“You put yourself to rest down a river.”

acceptance - (n.) Acceptance in human psychology is a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition without attempting to change it or protest it. 

It’s hard to accept life without those we grew up with, laughed with, cried with, got upset at, conquered our most difficult hours with. What happens when they aren’t there for those trying times anymore because they are the very cause of it? It’s been a tough year for my friends and my family. Quite honestly I’m exhausted, but with trauma blooms creativity. Rehabilitation and release is what it becomes synonymous with. Let’s begin this journey where we left off, but we’ll shine even brighter. Warriors, I love you. Thank you for sticking around. I’ve seen you, I adore you, and hope life has been kind to you. Keep working hard. We’re in this together. If you’ve lost someone, imagine the biggest hug possible. We’re going to make it through.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

State Your Peace - Addressing the Negative Soul - A Blog Entry by Veronica N Davis

State Your Peace

“State Your Peace” was pinned 10/30/17.

State Your Peace - Addressing the Negative Soul - A Blog Entry by Veronica N Davis

You are loved. The world you knew and the children you call yours have simply grown up and gotten their own lives, hardships, and concerns. We fight hard to avoid endless cycles we are helpless in. Unfortunately you’re one of those cycles. We’ve all tried to help, even your sisters, and you would often “just miss” success or a “comeback”.

Now we’re all simply trying to survive on our own and putting our energy into the one person we can influence to strive harder – ourselves. You left behind wounds that have yet (and may never) heal and souls that are weary of the past and present. We all love each other in one way or the other, we’re just exhausted. The fact that you come up in conversations is a testament to love and sadness, faith and despair, joy and pain. You’re in the music we listen to, the places we visit, the semi trucks that go by, the candies we enjoy.

No one likes the cards we dealt and the battles we had to endure (and continue to), but this is what we are and all you can do is prove to yourself that you can come back from all of the hurt and setbacks. Each of us, no matter who we surround ourselves with, only has ourself to fight, ourself to blame, and ourself to conquer. Be a warrior, keep fighting, and prove everyone right that believed in you and helped you over the past 30 years.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌💙

Chester Bennington Inspired Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

Crossing Over

“You don’t have to know someone to have an intimate
experience with them.” – Chester Bennington

Four weeks ago…12 hours prior to the time of this post..a particular departure impacted me more than I thought…made sense. My outward life remained on the up and up, but my inward remains disturbed. The physical reality has finally sunken in. A connection I didn’t realize was strong – spiritually – was severed suddenly. It shook my mental clarity. I found myself in tears at spontaneous moments and angry the next, sincere seconds later. A fairly consistent battle of acceptance and denial has played on repeat – a teetering effect. A truth from long ago returned to the forefront, reflected in someone I admired for so long and still do. I’ve never shied away from it. It has echoed consistently throughout my work, even my blogs.

The fact of [my] matter is, when you know pain you do all you can to help others avoid it. At the very least, you attempt to give them something to marvel at and enjoy. Take my beautiful cousin Jasemine-Denise for example, she became a photographer to inspire good vibes and confidence. She has helped women and men become the best versions of themselves. JDP focused on the people to help them focus less on naysayers. She took a personal life lesson and weaved it into a positive for everyone else. That’s all many of us want: to help the next person not hurt anymore, but unfortunately most people don’t know the “how” or the “when” of either.

For now I accept that I am as inspired as I am disheartened, motivated as I am discouraged, and upbeat as I am defeated. This reality seeps into another, and it’s endless, terrifying, and somehow magical. There’s something about crossing over that intertwines negative and positive emotions. It’s one we all have to deal with sooner or later. Until then, let’s focus on being each other’s anchor to positivity and encouragement, wisdom and inspiration. I know “speaking up” doesn’t cure all things, but please…please…always speak what’s on your mind. At least give people around you the opportunity to say their peace.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤


“Well, Coley you told me souls live forever. I choose to believe that. We only grieve the vessel, but we all know we’ll always be here for each other.” – A.D.B.

New Year, Same Me (Vee) - A Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

New Year, Same Vee

New Year, Same Me (Vee) - A Blog Entry by Veronica N. Davis

“New Year, New Me”

“New Year, New Me” was a fine concept once upon a time. January 1st meant erasing every flaw, negative thought, and unfavorable trait, both physical and mental. That idea once sent me into a spiral of negative thoughts. I viewed myself as “less than” instead of “worthy” because I was constantly attempting to rewrite myself. Although I never truly lost myself, I was undervaluing my personality, my passions, and my legacy while changing my perceived faults – or trying to.

While positive self-improvement is a great step forward, it isn’t a method to undo who you are and where you have been. This daily, hourly, second-ly task was causing me to disregard myself. Eventually I found it to be the case that “New Year, Same Me” was the route to go. There was no need to “wipe myself out”. I should instead take into account my struggles, my failures, my wins, my goals, and my will as one whole.

I’ve found my truth.

“New Year, Same Vee” is simply to say I’ve discovered the ultimate truth as it pertains to me. Each year I have an opportunity to build myself up even more, outdo myself, and uplifting myself instead of trying to change every thing I nitpick at. “New Me” once registered in my mind as a requirement to destroy parts of myself in favor of what I imagined was “better”. I forget about what made me me. Now, “Same Vee” reminds me that every pro and con is why I am who I am. It is why I can help others, learn from them, feel, respond, think, take action, etc. Every little upset, hiccup, past esteem issues, have led me to the woman I am. To create a new me would cause this version of me, which I am proud of and learning from each day, to vanish.

Well, it’s safe to say I’m not going anywhere.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

Exordium Graphic By Veronica N. Davis for her 25th birthday blog entry


Thank you.

It felt right to begin this entry on this day with those 2 words. I mean it in a vast, endless, universal way. That statement of gratitude is for every soul that has crossed paths with mine or united alongside me in a battle of love, acceptance, and peace. Whether it’s been 25 years, 7 years, 4 months, or 3 minutes. Thank you for being here and thinking this is all worth listening to. 😉

All of what we’ve done and will do is critical to who we will grow to be as human beings. I’m proud of us! Now, don’t you sit there and say, “You don’t know me. You can’t be proud of me.” That just makes me sad because we are forever works in progress on a path to discovering a simple truth in a complex world. That truth for me has been this: Being an individual and appreciating yourself is all that matters. Between 2009 and 2015 I was working on myself to come to love me. I didn’t do a shoot last year for that reason. I wanted time to be “inside my soul” and listen to myself without the noise of others interfering.

Now, I’m ready for anything. This is my 25th year on Earth and it’ll be profound…because I said so.

Veronica N. Davis in 2009, 2013, 2014, and now (in the background)

This post was titled “Exordium” because I feel like my slate’s been cleaned of the heavy heart I held for the world. I let go of every person that was taking up space, and failing to move forward. I couldn’t hold that weight anymore and I noticed it only made me hurt. I realized I can love without feeling sorrowful all the time. It took practice and solitude. There was a lot of meditation (and still is). The reason this site shifted in its purpose was because I was emotionally exhausted. After I stopped watching the news and discovering causes to try to turn around, my chest loosened up and I could breathe better. Social media fell by off because I was seeing too much negativity (not from supporters just in general). My creativity struggled due to a saddened heart and the unsub was billions of strangers. I can’t live like that. Especially as a Pisces (yeah, I took it there hahaha).

People always tells me I’m silly, and in the same breath call me “so serious”. That’s me. However, when my serious became anger and disappointment…I stepped back. I’ll continue to bring awareness to things I love and have grave concern about, but I won’t be engrossing myself too deeply into the lives of more than a few people at a time. I know better than to say “at all” because I’ll always worry and care about people, particularly those who want help or help themselves too. My books will express much of this as well. You know my drill. All things must have purpose before they come from me to you. I want to create great fiction and art and be able to say we did it together, if not I did it for you. Time continues to move, but there is a constant in all this: love. “Love Always” is forever and boundless. That is something we all need and will never be in short supply of.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

Happy New Year 2016 From Veronica N. Davis

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016!

Here we go again. Happy New Year 2016! We’re coming into the 7th year since “Blind Thirst”, 3rd since “Tomorrow Never Came”, and 2nd since “Point of Infliction”. Time flies, but in that time I’ve grown so much as a person. My priorities are aligned with what truly matters in this world and…I feel good. I hope you do too! Wishing you all the absolute best in 2016 and every year beyond.

If you are new to be sure to check out the novels page for more about indie books by Veronica N. Davis. If you are searching for graphic design services, simply select the text that reads “Design” in the navigation pane up top. Thank you for visiting. Truly hope to hear from you. Whether it is for blog topics or design needs. Happy New Year 2016!

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

Get Away Letter | Veronica N. Davis

Get Away

It is so unreal to me that it is December 1, 2015. There are many days my brain operates as if it were December 1, 2005. At that time I was 14 and more than likely obsessing over Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, and Coldplay respectively. Time is an illusion and as more of it goes by I realize that I don’t move with it. I age physically, but mentally and soulfully I am motionless.

As long as I could remember I’ve been this age (an old soul) with a certain level of wisdom and a particular amount of necessary solitude. I am now whom I’ve always been, with a bit more strength intertwined in the way I go about things. I think time baffles me because although things have come to light, successes and letdowns, there is stillness to it all. As an author I should able to make this more clear, but I don’t know how else to put it other than: as my nieces age I am more aware of time than I would be if they weren’t living their lifetimes with me. My mother said it when I was young that I seemed to not only have a world of my own, but also worries that surpassed the ordinary. I never wanted the latest car, phone, house, clothes, none of that. She claims it’s because I’ve always known the true value of things and most of what is manmade has none.

If it hasn’t become more obvious over the past couple years, I am one who has to get away. I always have been. Escape is essential to the well being of my creativity and wellbeing. I can’t be one of those people that lives by social media, and posts every 5 seconds what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m not saying those who do are wrong, not at all. Power to you. We all live differently; none of us are made to be the same. I’m just sure people expect my life is boring and don’t think I travel because I’m not posting about it. On the contrary. This world is beautiful and I’ve made sure to see all I want to see. I’ve been out of the USA several times in the past 6 years (since “Blind Thirst” was published), but I hold my private time so sacred. It’s like I function in the 1970s when it comes to that (kind of like the clothes I really like that no one sees hahaha – nerd!) I would make the worst celebrity. Hahaha.

The point I’m making about getting away is just the milestones I keep for me and my own. It allows my mind to be aware of the space I’m in. Whether it be by the people I’m with or the damage time has done to something.

Unsurprisingly, time gets away as much as I do. There is this documentary coming on the Discovery Channel soon called “Racing Extinction”. It airs tomorrow…. That is actually where this small journal type entry came from. I caught myself crying when I saw the preview for this. I shut down for a few days. When I’m gone it’s not always because I just need to get away, it’s really the condition the world is in that gets me. I feel helpless in the matter because money makes the (insert swear here)’s world go ’round. I used to blame the fact that I’m a Pitta Dosha with a Pisces sign, passionate and emotional about everything my heart focuses on. I have silent conversations in my mind with God about how much longer until the world consumes itself with pain, terror, and murder. In “Point of Infliction” I shed light on many sides of that, “Tomorrow Never Came” as well, because the purpose of what I do is to remind the few that still read that they are not alone in their woes. The emotions and thoughts plaguing one hits all at one point or another.

My recommendation is to get away. Don’t keep filling up your plate hoping it will help you ignore the things eating away at you. Empty it or push it to the side for a while, and go spend some time away from the world you live in. It’s refreshing. Rejuvenating. Free yourself from a world disguised as a free one whenever you can. Don’t let, “But I have to work,” be your excuse. That’s just the shxt they feed us to keep us close, away from our happiness – machines working to keep their pockets full. Please find the time before the year is over to just be in a space with the ones that uplift you. Doesn’t have to be your family, it can be your best friends or just you. Simply make sure you can enjoy that time, it’s fleeting.

Love Always,

Veronica ✌❤

This Poem Called "Rain"

This Poem Called “Rain”

This Poem Called “Rain”

This Poem Called "Rain"

Design: This Poem Called “Rain” artwork is © Veronica N. Davis

Rain fuels the soul.

Cleanses the mind.

Heals one lacking inspiration.

Rain represents freedom:

The ability to fall and rise infinitely.

Like the rain…






Like the rain…

I rise.

Yet, I was once like the pavement.

Not necessarily concrete.

Just walked on – trampled on – mangled to defeat.

Now the very thing that hits it…soothes it.

Beautiful droplets of hope reminds me…

Like the rain…

All things fallen can rise again.

© Veronica N. Davis, 2015 Poetry

Photo of Veronica N. Davis for Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday 2.0

Throwback Thursday? Uh-Oh!

I’m sitting here laughing because I let my cousin Lillie (author of Intimate Pieces) decide whether this would be posted or not. In the name of Throwback Thursday it was. I wasn’t going to do it, but since she said so…It’s done. It’s short, so you won’t have to suffer for too long. It’s just me messing around in GarageBand.

Talk to you lovely people soon.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

Veronica N. Davis' Blog - Through the Ages

Through the Ages

“Do what you feel is right in your heart. Don’t live by the world’s expectations. Be yourself. Do for yourself. You’ve got to be there for you first in order to be there for others, Tink.” – Mom

Whenever I’m alone I think about the countless life lessons my mother has taught me. She’s remained a quintessential part of my life as I journey across this sometimes cold, often corrupt world. Always evolving, changing, discovering who ‘Tink’ or ‘Colee’ is. Fun fact, those nicknames were given to me by those closes to me.

See, I was the kid that wasn’t supposed to survive. Born 3 1/2 months premature, underdeveloped, needing heart surgery, blood transfusions, oxygen tanks…I wasn’t supposed to be here. Some might say, if you weren’t supposed to be here you wouldn’t be. Still, it crosses my mind and is a large part of who I am today and why I try so hard to fulfill the purpose I feel is mine. I know in my heart of hearts that there’s a reason for me to be here based on the visions I’ve had all my life. How my soul feels so…old. It’s always been something that has shocked my mother and my older sisters. The things I like, the music I enjoy, the clothes I pick out that no one sees in the photoshoots. My friends have even believed me to be much older than my outward appearance because of my spirit. I have a no nonsense attitude as well. I’m not too fond of most of today’s entertainment choices or ideals, which is why I carry traditional morals and methods in my artistry and behavior. Part of me believes that’s why I have such a wonderful relationship with the elders in my family. We’ve always been on the same page.

So, why am I telling you this?

It’s so you’ll understand my blogs and how much I mean what I say. Why I write certain things into my novels through a gateway that can be easily heard. I want to reach the heart that feels like they have a purpose they haven’t found yet. I’ve always been “that girl”. When I was a kid, I was called the sensitive helper by my sisters and their friends. Sadly, people walked all over me because of it, and my mom had to help me learn to stand up for myself and know when to say no. I still struggle every now and again with it because I feel a natural inclination to reach out. The downside is, some of the people I reach out to are the same ones that never learn. They repeat the same cycles over and over again, thusly finding themselves at the same conclusions. It’s astonishing and heartbreaking all at once. Those people are the ones that get me talking to my mother to help me make some sort of peace with what I hear or see. “Sweetheart, you can’t save them all, and some people just have to learn the hard way,” she’ll say to me when I cry about the chaos. It gets to be too much, and while some call my reactions to the worries overreactive, I am who I am. I am who I’ve always been. Sometimes stubborn, caring, passionate, creative, set in some ways, hard on myself, low to no self-esteem. Within the vessel of a young woman is the child that inspired her. Day in and day out I carry my younger self in my mind, keeping myself tied to the creativity and the dreams she’s always had. That’s very important to me. Through the ages I’ve maintained but two things: I am a writer and I want to help others. Two unchanging things.

Whenever I look in the mirror, I see the little girl on her pink and purple big wheel rolling around in the living room of her mother’s home, listening to old Michael Jackson records with my family. She was happy and undisturbed by the pain in the world because of the strong souls protecting her. Luckily, they’re still with me to this day. Minus a few, but their souls live with us all. Because of them and their support I keep on keeping on even when I’m out of it. This includes my lovely photographer, dearest friend, and best companion Jasemine-Denise. We’ve got this, Tommay. Through the ages.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤ 

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Mind Your Moments

“Defining moments. You never really know what they are until they’ve passed you up. Someone tells you to sit back and reflect on your life as you know it and that’s when it hits you.” – Tomorrow Never Came, (pg. 85)

There has been so much confusion, deceit, and mayhem in the world. It has rapidly evolved to tremendous, terrifying, and troubling new heights. As a trained journalist, I have a natural curiosity about current events, but as a softie I find it hard to stomach most of what I read. To a certain level I find it helpful. Why? Because it teaches me to value everyone I have in my life at this very moment, instead of looking back in retrospect and realizing how amazing they are. Most of us go through life blaming life for our lack of vitality, and to some extent that blame is justifiable, but that’s not the only factor. Tonight, I would like to challenge you. We all know how fast life goes, so try this:

1. Slow down.

2. Breathe deeply.

3. Look around your environment or visit a place you love.

4. Think of who you love or cherish most in your life.

5. Tell them how you feel.

Because, what if they don’t wake up tomorrow, and you just assumed they knew that they were appreciated, loved, and admired? Express yourself. Your true self. You never know what or how the next person is feeling. Don’t let those defining moments become engulfed by the bad days, and don’t rush the good times because they’ll leave soon enough on their own. All those birthdays, hospital stays, helping out around the house, going to that store you despised but your sister, brother, or mother loved. Also, that favorite gift you got that you just knew you’d never get, who gave it to you? Those events that temporarily demolishes what destroys our world, thank the people that made it happen for you. Be with the people that made it happen for you, and if you swear up and down there’s no one, you’ve got me.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤ 


Mind Your Business

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Working, working, working day and night. I hope you read that with Michael Jackson in your head. I’ve just turned it on. That man’s music keeps me going. See, tonight I wanted to reach out to entrepreneurs and college students alike. We have a lot in common. We’re always learning, evolving to become better at what we do, and never stop applying new knowledge because we thrive off of the energy it provides. Having gone to college for journalism, I’ve quietly taught myself my crafts – fiction writing and graphic design. The two things I love most are ironically the very subjects I refused to be taught. I never wanted to pick up on someone else’s style or call something my own and find that it was someone else’s. It’s amazing how easily that can happen. Particularly when you’re sensitive to people, energy, or your surroundings in general. Again with that isolation I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Since fiction writing has always been my greatest love, design was my side chick. Haha. Now they’re moving in together. (Tiny Clansman, that one was for you.)

Anyhow, while attending university, my thought pattern wasn’t initially that. I was still hardwired in what I like to call, robot mode. I walked into a design class and made up my robotic mind. I was going to get into their graphic design program. I created a portfolio, essentially “blew away” the panel that reviewed it, and then changed my mind after listening to the students. I realized that everyone’s work was identical. It made me weary because alumnus whom had updated their galleries, still shared intensely similar bodies of work. It’s fine to be influenced by courses or people, but you’ve still got to find your own place. I do everything with that thought in my mind.




Fun fact, all of this happened just before the publication of “Blind Thirst,” which was my first novel at age 18. I printed it through Xlibris and regret it to this day. Proud of the work, not of the people behind its publication. I mean, even the book cover stresses me out because it wasn’t what I wanted. I love full cover books, as seen on my subsequent publications. But, I still have a strong love for it because of what it “birthed.” Because of #BT, I developed the strength and self-esteem to produce three more major projects and even go into acting. Amazing chain of events for a shy girl from Chicago who spent most of her youth obsessing over *Nsync, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Aaliyah, and Robert Downey, Jr.  I powered up. I tuned out the negative remarks of some people who surrounded me, and I kept it moving.


VNDAVIS-MIND-YOUR-BUSINESS*Learn more about VND*Design and the graphic design services Veronica can provide you by clicking here.


After all is dito e feito, I continue to work toward the visions in my mind. I mind my business and I stay focused. I don’t give up, even when I have those days where I’m just…done. Everyone has them. But I can’t…let myself down. I can’t pull the tired card every day. Sometimes you have to power up and power through. Keep working hard, worthy warriors. Whatever you’ve got in your heart that you wish were real, you have the power to achieve. It’s true what you’ve heard. It’s just time you sincerely believed in yourself.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤ 


Veronica N. Davis' Blog - September 1, 2014

Mind Your Presence

“When your mind thinks too much, it loses touch with the reality of life. To be real, our feet should be on the earth and our head should be in the heavens.” – Yogi Bhajan

A change of pace, or a change of scenery is often all that is needed to remedy some of the tiredness that accompanies us each day. I hope that during this extended weekend many of you have had the time to enjoy your form of serenity. I find that my form is attempting to hush my mind, catch up on sleep, and put my work aside. In other words, I try to power down. From August 21st until this hour, I spent quality time with myself. Whenever I do that, I limit human interaction, cancel any events or parties I planned on going to, and find my meaning of a break. Note: Last year’s blog “Speaking From My Soul” is in direct correlation with what I tend to feel each year just before Fall.

So, what the hell does an artist do when she’s not working? Meditate? Exercise? Stare blankly at a wall? He-he. Not quite. I would be lying if I said I existed in the lotus position this entire time and remained completely isolated. I didn’t go on a retreat or anything, although I will pretty soon. I simply allowed my thoughts to flow and kept repeating to myself, for the sake of my mental health, I had to take a break. Social media, text messaging, events…all of it was out of the question. And somehow I always wind up in places like…




It has everything to do with the fact that when I am surrounded by nature, I can hear myself better. I connect with the part of myself that is usually drowned out by the infinite worries of the world. Suddenly, I don’t feel as fatigued anymore, and I regain the energy I’d lost. Simply put…



Note: The photos shown were taken prior to August 21st. #LateImgPost


Sometimes the world can wait.

Working hard is fine and dandy until it becomes a chore. If what you love doing becomes a burden to you in any way, you’re doing too much of it. There is a such thing as too much. For people like me, that is hard to hear. It doesn’t always seem like enough, but…see…your body and soul are telling you otherwise. Listen to your body, stay connected to your soul, and don’t get so caught up in “making a living” that, as the great minds of our past have said, you forget to live. Be in the now. Be in the present. If the moments in your life are going good, try to memorize that feeling and retain it for a rainy day. If the times in your life are hard, call on those memories. That’s a form of living in the past that isn’t all that bad. Just don’t forget to work through the now in order to recover that goodness, and remember that it is okay to disconnect, take time for yourself and maybe a friend or two if you don’t want to be alone. Fun fact: the internet, those texts, phone calls…they’ll be there when you’re ready to reconnect. Oh, but don’t go away too long. I’ll miss you.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤ 

Speaking From My Soul - A blog entry by Veronica N. Davis featuring a sky photo edit

Speaking From My Soul


To the brim.

Overflowing with knowledge.

Too connected to chaos, no longer to the soul.

Never  unmoving.

Always running.

Never breathing.

Thoughts consuming.

No time for healing.






– – – – – – – – – – – –

In my time away, I’ve rediscovered the serenity found in a single breath. The way it reconnects your mind and your soul. The sense of calm that devours you. I’ve missed that. My vision blurred and my energy shifted from positive to negative in an instant. I couldn’t fathom my own emotions, so focused on deciphering those of the ones around me. I’ve been told countless times my greatest strength is my greatest weakness: helping…caring…empathizing. For so long I’ve dealt with everyone else’s sorrow, remaining present, even when I am not fully there.

I needed to find balance.

Between you and me. Literally, between you (my fans and supporters) and me. It literally tears me apart some of the e-mails I have received about things you have been through and I take it all to heart. I had to release it. As I was falling, so were you and I have this overwhelming desire to “save the world”. My mother has always told me to let that go. To do all I can, but don’t forget about myself.

She’s quickly learned that it’s just who I am.

Eventually, I tore myself down.

All that weight, working so hard, losing sight of my goals, so focused on everyone else’s. On top of uncertainties, missed deadlines, and so many other self-inflicted disparities. It takes you to a mental state of violence. Toxic. Fiery. Madness. My emotional levels can get the best of me, and that’s something I occasionally struggle with. My friends have told me several times, “Your emotions run deeper than the average person and we worry about you.” My cousin has said that to me daily over the past couple of months.


I worry about me.

Uma terra perigosa. I had to escape it. The land inside my mind. Nature is the best remedy for me. As a creator, I spend too much time inside my thoughts. So…I took some time away to seek balance. Always striving to be the best version of myself. I know I am young and have much to learn with many lessons ahead. At 22 there’s only so much I know, but I do know this: I love my people….my royal warriors. Like I’ve told many of you before, we’re in for a journey and we’re doing it together.


In order to attain all we want in our lifetime and be there for one another we have to remain centered. We have focus. We can do anything. Please, wake up and tell yourselves that. It is true. Truly. As long as you sincerely believe it about yourselves as I do about you. Until next time…

Love Always,


May 15, 2013

A Moment In Time With JD Photography

May 15, 2013

There is nothing better than starting a journey with an individual you’ve known for years, watched grow for over a decade, and from time to time quarreled with. Let’s face it – we all have those down days, but some friendships/bonds/ties are still unbreakable. Occasionally they waiver, they may seem as if they are fading, but they cannot break.

This past week I worked with Jasemine-Denise Photography, a photographer located in the hearty of Chicago. She commutes anywhere you want her to go, including out of state just to get you what you need. What’s so incredible about her is: she works and practices nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/6 days a year! It never stops with her and that is truly phenomenal. If you say “I want m photography to look like such and such” she is the one that can supply your demands.

She doesn’t give up.

Here’s something I’ve come to understand about any new photographer…something that is blatantly obvious: they have to earn their credit and respect. Which means they can’t run around handing out freebies, they have to carry themselves professionally. You can’t act like they owe YOU favors, when YOU owe THEM. This is what I’ve seen with JDP. People missing out on a great opportunity to get all these magnificent shots from an ARTIST who knows how to use her stage well.

It’s great to see that changing.

As time goes on and I get the pleasure of watching her evolve, she manages to make you want to be on the end of that lens, bringing your ideas to life. So, naturally I loved having the opportunity to work with her. She is truly something amazing.

P.S She just got back from ACEN so make sure you guys click that link above and check out her site for updates!