Cancel Your Plans

Cancel Your Plans


Veronica N. Davis [born February 22, 1991], best known by her moniker VNDavis, is an American author, journalist, actress, singer, and graphic artist. Among all her passions fiction is nearest to her heart. She has gone from an underground fan fiction writer to a novelist with messages of love and acceptance in her literature. On September 24, 2009 her premiere novel Blind Thirst was published. For nearly 4 years she remained relatively quiet in order to complete college. Just before graduating, she published Tomorrow Never Came (January 20, 2013). Her novels are available from bookstores worldwide.

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  1. Erin

    OMG! ILY! ♥ I make plans with my bestie like weekly and she always cancels!!!!! >_< I feel she don't care to hang out y'know? I'm like why are you so ridiculous bit then u r right she has a busy life and we text all day and night we even talk on the phone sometimes i just feel like she doesn't want to hang up with me you know? it's not what we were anymore. I just miss her sometimes.

  2. Sharee Davison

    ONCE AGAIN – like my twitter comment – I AM IN IT WITH YOU VND! I VIBED SO MUCH WITH THIS POST! People cancel on me or I’m just too out of it to function. You are starting us off right!

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