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Cancel Your Plans - 5 Reasons You Should Stop Making Plans - Veronica N. Davis Blog

“Cancel Your Plans” is not an entry saying that you shouldn’t make goals, but it’s the planning process that can make some life activities more trying than they should be. Even if you love to plan, read this entry simply to remind yourself that these things happen.

#1 We can’t control spontaneous events.

You’ve heard it before: “Life happens.” It’s safe to say that once we are over the age of 18 the likelihood of getting together on the regular basis, on a set day or weekend, at any given time is rare. We’ve just entered into the time of our lives where we’re either trying to build something that will allow us to “coast” in our 30s, or trying to accomplish aspirations we feel should only be sought after in this period. Beyond that, there are spontaneous events that can interrupt us. For instance, scheduling conflicts due to work, interference with other family/friends events, overworking, previous forgotten plans, etc. You know the ones. They sound like excuses, but it’s just life.

#2 You were tired, but you decided to do it anyway.

To think we can truly plan for something is a lie. We don’t know how we’ll feel that day, what’s going to happen, when nor why. Let’s say you’ve made plans to hook up with your friend and they live pretty far away. You want to make the ordeal “even” and meet halfway. This time you managed to meet up but you’re actually exhausted and just didn’t want to be a party-pooper (“Father of the Bride“). We know how we all get when we are tired from work, school, studies, and let’s face it – partying. To rip and run constantly is counterproductive for your health. You have to know when to stop. Making obligations or feeling required to do things isn’t always the best route. Take note of your mood before you get together with your pals.

#3 It can cause unnecessary stresses.

You set aside a date and know exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you’ll bring along. You went through all the trouble of making sure the lunch spot was picked, everyone had something on the menu they could eat and enjoy, you’ve arranged to pick them up, and everyone is set. Then you get a text message. Something’s come up (blasted #1)! You’re high hopes have faltered and you’ve found yourself right where you were the last time. Thrilled and solo.

#4 It rarely pans out, but you keep doing it.

If you’ve skimmed ahead you know that #4 and #5 are more like 4A and 4B. They speak for themselves, especially if you’re planning with the same people or even the same task. Reevaluate those relationships and your agenda.

#5 It gets old.

There comes a point in your life where you have to stop. Plans are an illusion. They are nothing more than aspirations, as I loosely stated before. You have to accept the possibility that you have to become as spontaneous as life. You want to do something, do it right now. If you want to see someone, go see them after you confirm they are home or at work. Don’t continue to do the same things and expect them to change. That is a universal phrase. Trust in it and live by it.


Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

2 Responses to “Cancel Your Plans

  • OMG! ILY! ♥ I make plans with my bestie like weekly and she always cancels!!!!! >_< I feel she don't care to hang out y'know? I'm like why are you so ridiculous bit then u r right she has a busy life and we text all day and night we even talk on the phone sometimes i just feel like she doesn't want to hang up with me you know? it's not what we were anymore. I just miss her sometimes.

  • Sharee Davison
    4 years ago

    ONCE AGAIN – like my twitter comment – I AM IN IT WITH YOU VND! I VIBED SO MUCH WITH THIS POST! People cancel on me or I’m just too out of it to function. You are starting us off right!

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