Dream Catchers

Note: I did not edit this post. It was handwritten initially, and I didn’t want to disturb the moment in which it was derived from. If it reaches you and is beneficial to you, I am glad. If not, God bless you on any and every one of your endeavors. I call this Dream Catchers because we who share that positive energy will soon surface, and before we know it our dreams will be realized on every level we’ve worked toward. Love Always, Veronica ✌❤ 

For the Optimist: 

You’ve heard this before. You can do any and every single thing your heart desires. It’s true, but your path may not mirror your idol’s. This is something the younger generation often forgets. Most of the time we admire people because of their struggle and how similar they seem to us, but that does not mean we have the same road that leads us to our destiny.

As you’ve also heard before, we are individuals. Therefore, we must make our own way and set our own standard. To an extent, you also have to stop looking on the outside for validation, and seek it from within yourself. That’s not to say, “Don’t listen to what your friends say.” Everyone should have that buddy that tells you the truth, but you’ve got to be sure that one isn’t the one that doesn’t want to see you succeed. Whatever goal or career you have visualized, work toward it every single day.In the time we live in, we cannot afford to slack off. If you truly feel in your heart that no other life is worth dedicating your time to then pursue that which you cherish. Too late comes too quickly, and regret lives with us for eternity.

How many times must you hear this to believe in it? Go ahead and admire that person, just make sure you put in the same amount of work you know they do, if not more. It is a journey that holds a million challenges, but it’s worth it and you know it.

For the Pessimist:

So, what happens if this life of yours doesn’t go as planned? Do you have a secondary mean for survival, or will you just give up? If yes, why? Because it wasn’t easy? Because time seemed to start working against you? Fun fact, that’s just you working against you.

It is better to have steps arranged to meet an end goal, rather than deadlines. When we miss our set window we fear we’ve let ourselves down, and feel a strange need to…well, quit. Nine time out of ten the reason we missed it was because God, or some higher power, knew we could do better and learn more before we were awarded that victory.

That which we wish to last forever takes time. Accept that to avoid sadness, or that dreaded feeling of failure. It’s not worth the energy. What is worth that energy is assuring your life reaches its full potential. I believe you are astounding and that you know deep down you can get what you yearn for.

You can do this. Lighten up, but keep at it.

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That Power

Freedom is here to stay…
Jasemine Denise

It takes an incredible amount of strength and confidence to change your life, but it is true that if the path you are taking is not getting you where you want to be you have to change it. Living in the unknown is as terrifying as it is satisfying. To no longer feel obligated to live a certain way because it is all you know. I know you’ve heard it before, but wouldn’t it be phenomenal if everyone could take the same positive advice they give to the next person, and follow through? To love yourself, to strive to reach your goals no matter the cost, and so on. That power is in all of us, and I believe that. Fear is what stifles the majority of people. See, most of us believe that we’ve always been destined for better things. Beyond what we do day in and day out, yet (sadly) very few will actually listen to the voice telling them to make a change. That power still remains in all of us, but too many choose to hush it. Do you recall the blog where I said, so many people fear their own success? Are you one of them?

The only thing you should fear is never actively reaching for the life you want and attaining at minimum a fraction of it. I know you can, and you’re probably like, “You don’t know me, so how can you tell me what I can and cannot do?”

Here’s why I can…

Our hearts operate the same, and yes we are all in different financial situations, different communities, different intellectual backgrounds, but what makes us all equally powerful is in our passion. Now you’re probably thinking, “Such and such is not a passionate person, so try again.”

Here’s the thing about passion. Passion literally means an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, a state or outburst of a strong emotion. We all have emotion, do we not? We all desire to attain something, don’t we?

Snap out of overthinking, stop letting society’s rankings dictate the moves you want to make, practice what I know you’ve preached to everyone around you, and get to a point where freedom is a word that holds value for you. Where it’s no longer a thought, but a way of existing. It would be absolutely astounding if one day you looked in the mirror and said, “I’ve always had that power, and I didn’t let it fall by the waist side.”

I would like to end with this: Failure will not kill you, but living an unhappy, incomplete life…will. Please don’t fall victim to yourself.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤


We Are Limitless

We often forget this. That we are limitless and only confined by our thoughts. We fail to remember that that which makes us great does not have to be justified, nor verified by someone else just to be true. We place barriers before ourselves by choice, not because someone else told us that we can’t do something. When it dwindles down to the honest and bare truth, it seems we fear our own successes and freedoms. We blame our financial situation, our physical appearance, our lack of knowledge, when in reality sometimes knowing very little can help you go farther because you aren’t entirely aware of possible pitfalls. After all, being educated and knowing too much are two completely different things. 

When I tweeted, “Don’t quit your daydream.” I meant it. Your replies bore a phenomenal resemblance to one another’s. Negativity fuels most every decision this generation makes, so I wanted to share with you a short quiz I found 2 or 3 years ago on a blog. It wan’t until recently that I began to make use of it.  Answer it honestly before continuing…


The Assessment

1.) Do you complain? All the time or just sometimes?

2.) Do you often discuss what’s wrong in the world more than what’s right?

3.) Do you criticize? All the time or just certain people?

4.) Are you attracted to drama and disaster?

5.) Do you blame? All the time or just certain situations?

6.) Do you believe that you have no control over most of your results?

7.) Do you feel like a victim? Do you talk about people doing things to you?

8.) Are you grateful for what is or will you be grateful when things finally start going right for you?

Thank you.


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and you still lead that same life you aren’t partial to…my final question to you is: Why?

Every person that has discovered joy, made a change. Why do you assume you’re any different? Yes, sometimes great things happen to people and it feels like a movie. That is why we are called individuals. We will not be rewarded the same positives or granted the same negatives as the next person. Every story is different, it’s time you accepted that. Live the same cycle or realize that you truly have the power to change it. You’ve just got to listen to your soul and disregard your mind. Often times that’s the only way to attain what’s been waiting for you forever. The only thing that is limited in this life is time, so release negativity and place within your mind this truth: you are limitless.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤

Perfectionism is an Illusions - Author Veronica N. Davis - Graphic Designer Veronica Davis

Perfectionism is an Illusion

Please take a moment to absorb the depths of the title of this post. Perfectionism is an Illusion. Now, get up from where you’re sitting and look in the mirror. Hopefully you have a laptop because I’d like to come with you. If not, write or memorize the following words to speak aloud while glancing at your reflection. “I will make mistakes, I will not always have my happy ending for each and every moment. I will give myself permission to be happy regardless. I know we are all made different and I will accept that. I will strive to become the absolute best version of myself daily, no longer comparing myself to someone else.” Finally, smile at that beautiful person staring back at you.

Trust me. Do it. Don’t laugh it off. You can laugh, but don’t turn away.


Remember last year I told you that self-talk is a necessity? It wasn’t a jest. The inner peace you can discover while you’re doing mini talk sessions is unimaginable. Obsessing over image is unhealthy, but trying to be healthy is great. Know this: beauty is subjective. Exhibit A: You know how you find that one guy or girl more attractive than your friends do? Exhibit B: You’ve been crushing on that “weird looking fella” and you don’t know why. Here’s a hint: he’s beautiful to you. A perfect smile, being a certain size, having a particular hairstyle won’t make you or break you. If it makes you feel better, by all means – do it. But having been down that road and on my down days occasionally teetering on it, it doesn’t always help to have fulfilled them. It is all state of mind. Not all things found on the surface can cure the condition within. In my opinion, the world is financed by our disdain for ourselves (both young and mature) and fuels the fatalistic emotions we eventually feel because that other guy or girl has the “perfect” [fill in the blank], and we don’t.

But perfectionism isn’t always about appearances.

Trying to make the grade and not getting it doesn’t make you a failure, it means you have to take a new approach to studying. It is not the end of the world. It feels like it. I’ve been there. That feeling will past. Are you a writer? Still trying to make that chapter perfect, or is it procrastination? (Yes, I know it could be writer’s block too, don’t sass me haha.) Don’t let perfectionism disturb your ability to reach your greatest potential and complete the task at hand.

During our lives we will be told how to think, what actions to take, what’s in good taste, what isn’t, how to carry ourselves, and so on. Stop relying on that shxt. Stop buying into that which will only hinders you. What is your version of success and how can you “win”? What is your interpretation of right and wrong? You are your own person, so be that magnificent person. Think your own thoughts and cherish your own truth…as long as it is positive. ❤

Dare to change your mindset. The reflection you see of the world is controlled by the thoughts you have, more than the reality of it. Trust in your ability to convert the unpleasantness surrounding you into uplifting energy.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤


Nan Pwem Lapriyè Ki Pa Gen Amen

“Nan pwem lapriyè ki pa gen amen.”
[There is no prayer without its amen.]

Amidst the uplifting roar of laughter and immense smiles I’ve found myself stunned by worlds I had only met through news broadcasts and columns. Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman. In 6 days time I didn’t even scratch the surface of the history and current conditions of three places thriving only in darkness and surviving solely on faith. It is remarkable how these deplorable and heartbreaking territories are surrounded by beauty yet buried in misery. The poverty level is as sickening as the near non-existent healthcare services they are provided in Jamaica. With 78% of their population representing the masses and 18% barely making it in middle class as well, that leaves just 4% upper class individuals (most of which are celebrities/people who earned money in the USA and migrated to Jamaica soon after).



See, I made an incredible friend. Her name was Tracy Davis – a beautiful coincidence. Tracy gave me a tour of the island and fed me an endless array of facts that both made me smile and destroyed me on emotional planes I was unaware I had. Like most people who have witnessed with their own eyes the way our distant brothers and sisters have to live, I immediately realized how displaced our own values are in America. I mean I already knew. Look at reality television. But these people don’t even know who Brad Pitt is or about franchises like Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and so on.



No. I don’t mean that break up you just went through or the fact that your phone MIGHT be off next month because you can’t make the bill. I mean, when all you know is the sorrow that surrounds you. Nearly every building you see is falling apart, that which encircles those same structures is unkept, the children are unhealthy because healthcare is so high 96% of the population cannot afford it. Imagine. Imagine for one moment. Your child is in your arms with the most terrible fever, the most debilitating cough, tremors, all of it. And you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Now amplify that hopelessness. And you have Haiti.



Not even the vast and endless mountains can hide the truth that hangs over the heads of Haitians. In my time there I witnessed several rowboats trudging across the sea in search of food for the fast falling night. It is truly as if the governmental figures of these three places have lost sight of the overall solution: breathe life into the middle class and watch them flourish once more.

I refuse to believe this.

I refuse to believe that this way of life has to continue…in 2014.

People across the globe have been making positive strides to change living conditions for Haitians and Jamaicans for a while. Below are links for you to learn more about our distant brothers and sister, and get involved as well.

Let’s make the world beautiful.



UNICEF – At a Glance: Haiti

UNICEF – Jamaica

The HELP Jamaica! Education Centre

Happy New Year 2014!


Commit to Amazement This Year.

Happy New Year 2014!

I hope you all had a fantastic night! I decided against naming this post the obvious and typical Happy New Year, so I instead titled it Commit. This year is one requiring much focus, dedication, and time. Go about everything knowing whether you truly want it or not. Do not waste your own time by saying ‘I guess I could’, instead discover the things you can’t not do that are positive. Break negative habits, be strong, know that you deserve every great thing you believe you do. We don’t have to live “by the book”, we just have to live. So I’ll leave you with this quote from someone I admired for many years.

“Commit and go for it, or don’t do it at all.”



Begin Again…Today

No matter how hard the past was, you can always begin again. Every day is a new beginning. My question is: Why do most people wait for a new year for it? The same pardons you will afford yourself in that “new year” you could’ve given yourself in the “old ” one. The same setbacks, the same disappointments. I am a strong believer that every second, every hour….those are the moments to begin again. I’m not big on “beginning of the week” or “beginning of the year” goals. Time restraints have always been, to me, prolonged justifications for laziness and lack of faith in oneself. I used to be caught up in time and placed heavy significance on beginning positive changes at the start of a new month, but even that got cancelled out. I began to realize that progressive changes were easier to handle. But…if you’re into tradition and plan on making new year’s resolutions, refrain from making…

The Most Common Excuses:

5. “I didn’t mean it.” – You said it, but never intended to follow through.

4. You got intimidated by someone who’s already accomplished your goals.

3. No one is supporting you.

2. You dreamed WAY too big.

1. You expected a 24-hour turn-around.


If any of those sound like familiar travesties, then here are…


The Resolutions for Your Resolutions:

5. Commit to your word.

4. Never compare yourself to the next individual. We all have different methods, make-ups, styles, and paces of doing things. At most, allow someone to be your encouragement for your triumphs, but don’t you ever feel like you fall short. If they did things “the right way”, let them be your role model.

3. If you feel like you’re trying to destroy a bad habit or begin a great one, but no one is “holding your hand” or “patting you back”, join a forum. Some amazing people lurk on them and a lot of them have good advice and fast acting tips. Contact a professional support group in your local neighborhood that can teach you positive reinforcements. All some of us need is an ounce of reassurance to keep us on track.

2. Not to crush your dreams, but try breaking down those oversized ambitions into small objectives, and WRITE THEM DOWN!

1. You spoke to the universe as well as the powers that be that you would quit smoking, lose 30 pounds, and control your hot temper, but after 24 hours you quit because “nothing changed”…I have but one question for you sirs and madams….Do you believe in magic?

With 10 days left in the year, do you really need January 1st to hit for you to have incentive? Does that day provide some magical renewing vibe, or has time caused you to believe it does? What is wrong with beginning today, December 21st, better than yesterday? Why wait another day, week, or month? To form another excuse? To pinpoint another reason you’re going to fall short before you even make an attempt? Predicting your own failure, huh? That’s not acceptable.

Did you know you can’t fail? Your mind holds the power, so shift all that negative energy you have been holding on to into something profound. We all have greatness in our hearts, but if our minds aren’t willing to endure what it takes to reach our best versions of ourselves…Well, then I guess failure becomes inevitable. But you’re better than that. Get a jump start on that New Year’s Resolution list.

Begin again…today.

Photo of a cute lonely box little man

Doubters Anonymous

Welcome to Doubters Anonymous.


Hi my name is Veronica and I am a self-doubter. Since the age of 12 I have suffered from this “addiction”. For years I have been told kind words such as ‘you’ve inspired me’ and ‘the reason I do this is because of you’, but….speaking honestly, although it isn’t an entirely crippling, every now and again doubt causes me to lose sight of things. It is fair to declare indecisiveness and my personally set high standards inflame the reservations I dwell on. Recently, as I have in the past, I stepped outside of myself to analyze my condition and well-being using only positive reinforcements.

For instance, focusing on the purest most relevant and fact based pros about myself that time, family, and friends have opened my eyes to. Not a single doubt in my mind surfaced about how loved I am, blessed I am, or lucky I am to have all these wonderful people surrounding me everyday (unlike grammar school and high school….I was an honor roll student and excessively overweight, so put it together people). Anyway, what a lot of people don’t realize is, we are what we preach – both to the world and to ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted, You are the only one that can change yourself. So decide how you want to be, who you want to be, and what you want to be…Then become it”. Well, it is not easy to change once fear settles in. Fear of being crushed by those you trust or confide in. Those you inform of the dreams you have for yourself that since they cannot envision it, they soil on. Fear of staying in one place, though you would kill to move forward. Fear of wanting to influence, but before aware that society is more focused on celebrity nonsense to actually care about one another as individuals. Fear of not knowing. Fear of…freedom. Because isn’t that what we’ve all been working toward since our first day in kindergarten?

We are accustomed to living an ordinary life, so it feels strange to picture us outside of the average. We get complacent, we talk ourselves up, knock ourselves down, and call ourselves “putting yourself in your place”. But what is your place? Isn’t your place to be happy? To be fulfilled? To be loved? To be everything you ever wanted in this life…This one life that you get. How do you even get there? I bet you’re thinking, “How is this small time author telling me how to rid myself of doubt when she’s not even rich or (insert celebrity name here)?”

Allow me to tell you why. I am insanely familiar with doubt. I told my best friend, jokingly, that my teddy bear from my childhood was named McDoubt. He wasn’t. Remember? Said it was joke. Anyway, you learn from the people that feel your pain and you share it. So…

In order to decide how you want to be, you cannot fear the person looking back at you in the mirror nor can you second-guess the goals you’ve set for yourself. Just force ‘em to motion. Get the ball rolling the best way you know how.

In order to be who you want to be you have to develop courage and self-love. Daily sessions of self-assurance (15 minutes of words that empower you) can transform your entire world. People always laugh at that suggestion – of PDA (my meaning: private displays of affection). Telling yourself you’re amazing, smart, and beautiful is not cocky nor is it wrong to recite to yourself. It is a method that will become a religious practice, your personal form of mediation. Facing the terrors that doubt whispers to you. It’s hard to look into the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are. It is difficult to accept what you see sometimes, and it isn’t always related to your surface appearance. No one is perfect. The world is basking in the burning glow of mirages. People are never quite who you dream them to be. In some way we are broken, but in many ways it is because we need each other. Eventually the negativity consumes us or the positivity fuels us. A combination of faith and helpfulness can save us. In that instant we will not only be who we want to be, but we will also be who we need to be.

Love Always,
Veronica  ✌❤ 

Pride and respect photo LGBTQ

Pride & Respect – ENDA

I do not follow politics much, but I do follow that which pertains to the safety and well being of my people. Workplace discrimination toward gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people was addressed today. A bill referred to as Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) earned 60 of the necessary senate votes to surpass its initial hurdle. Millions of our family and/or friends have been denied the bare minimum in terms of security and now the veil has dropped and rights are being realized.


Verbal and physical abuse, being turned away from jobs (you all saw the ‘Gay Need Not Apply’ tweets?), denied benefits, harassed, fired… The conduct of management can be intimidating for most people because we rely so heavily on income, and without it we cannot survive so we tread lightly. Never able to put up a fight.  I am glad someone found it within their heart to stand up for us all. Maltreatment is ludicrous thus uncalled for. The human race is constantly finding reasons to hate someone else, losing sight of what it means to show compassion and be present and aware for one another. I have had enough of the ridicule some of us face based off of irrelevant facts (or fictions). The revolting cases I read about (like my post on Africa) are overwhelming. The same people that preach for us to stand tall with pride while the world is watching are sometimes the very people tearing us right back down.


ENDA is our chance in the workplace to be viewed as human beings and valued, even if we know it is a sham. We should only be assessed based off of our achievements and experiences, nothing more. Banning unjust behaviors toward others is something I hope has a positive impact. I say that not just because of retaliation, but because there are laws against violence, stealing, murder…. and it still occurs. I just hope the world can find peace among their fellowman, but I seldom deem our species capable.


Truthfully, it all comes down to respect, both for oneself and for those around them.


[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]From Civil Rights.Org[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, issued the following statement in advance of an expected Senate vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act:


“One of the most important ideals behind our nation’s movement for civil and human rights is that every worker should be judged solely on his or her merits. Today’s news that 60 senators have committed to voting for cloture on ENDA brings us another step closer to making this ideal a reality.


As we have seen with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ the growing number of states that embrace marriage equality, the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act, and ever-increasing levels of public bipartisan support, our nation’s progress on LGBT equality has reached a tipping point that can no longer be denied. As ENDA moves to the Senate floor and beyond, the only question left for lawmakers is whether they want to be remembered for standing on the right side of history.


We urge the Senate to allow a yes-or-no vote on ENDA and to swiftly approve this long overdue legislation.” Wade Henderson is the president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the rights of all persons in the United States. The Leadership Conference works toward an America as good as its ideals. For more information on The Leadership Conference and its 200-plus member organizations, visit www.civilrights.org.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

To The Brave Trapped In Sorrow

To The Brave Trapped in Sorrow

When your little sister or brother, niece or nephew, daughter or son looks into the mirror what do you think they see?


Instead of guessing, ask.


Do you really know what that beautiful heart endures when he or she goes to school? Do you remember what it felt like to go into grammar school and high school thinking it was your universe? Believing with your whole heart that everyone and everything that came into your world was all you would ever have or know? Never truly realizing that there was more to come beyond the walls of the cafeteria (where you questioned where you would sit), the gymnasium (where you and Billy were picked last), the classroom (where you either never raised your hand for fear of being wrong OR you answered and got teased for being right). No move you ever made was praised, but it was instead insulted. Everything from unrealistic body image comparisons to daily fights in the bathrooms. Imagine that. Visualize the taunts, threats, spitting, kicking, total embarrassment. That pressure to always be what you are not thanks to the media and the uneducated.


These incredible children with warrior hearts feel ashamed of themselves because they don’t know what it means to love themselves. The places they seek validation would rather see them literally down on the ground kissing their feet, humiliating them in the presence of those they hoped would choose to be their friend this year. They need to learn what self-worth is, but how can they truly feel worthy of anything when everyone tells them they are inadequate, meaningless, and useless?


Today, negative influence has been amplified by social media networks, television, cell phones, tablets, and other devices that allow instant gossip to be spread and reputations to be sullied without a second thought. This is why we must teach children how to find their inner strength. They all have the power to be happy within themselves and they have to know that they cannot and should not waste their greatness on pretending to be what they believe those around them want them to be. We have said it time and time again that being yourself is beautiful, but saying it isn’t enough.


We have to teach it. From the moment your baby girl or boy says ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ or ‘granny’…They need to learn humility, grace, and self-worth. They deserve the chance to be raised into great values and be brave enough to be who they truly are.


Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t stop with our children.


The term ‘bullying’ is commonly associated with kids. Traditionally, society viewed our youth to be the weaker group, but it spans to adults as well. Whether it is in their home, workplace, or any public venue…It happens to them too. Bullies do not see age, they see vulnerability. They prey on it because they are spineless and often share the same “weakness” their “inferior” counterpart does. In actuality, the victim is stronger. The problem behind this problem is simply the victims (aka my beautifully unique and lovely worthy warriors) are not always able to find their fortitude. It is silenced by negativity – aggression, peer pressure, fear of isolation (some rather endure the pain than be left completely alone), and so on.


Mental, emotional, verbal, physical…All of these forms of bullying trouble all age groups and no aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin, or grandparent should fear discussing it. Awareness is a beautiful thing, although it is often difficult to handle when your relative is unable or unwilling to admit the occurrence of certain incidents. If you feel something happened, speak on it anyway. Stand up for them and let that sister or even your student know that they are never alone. I’ve told children in the past that I volunteered with that they are not alone.. You are never alone. I’m always here. Drop the judgement, stop the glares, just open your heart, and focus your ears on the voice that is yearning to reach you. You could save someone from self-bullying, from being bullied, from coming to hate themselves.


We have already lost so many incredible children and teens to bullying and witnessed adults vanishing into themselves, toward seclusion. We need to stop this. All of it. The world will hurt us enough. We do not need to hurt one another. We need to lift each other up and encourage victories and positive feats among us.

Worthy Warrior Entry Featuring A Person Mountain Climbing

Worthy Warrior

“Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they are not.”


Today I received an e-mail from a friend of my lovely fan Danielle. (YOU ROCK, BABY!) She told me her best friend was too shy to deliver a message herself, but she eventually convinced her to send it to me. She wanted me to share it and I am so glad that she allowed me the rights to do so. She herself remains unnamed for her privacy, but this is truly something that should be addressed. You are all worthy of so much and as I said vicariously in a previous post, sometimes we just need a reminder or our own significance.


Scenario of a Warrior (In Her Own Words): Veronica, you said ‘We are all warriors in the army of life, because we all have a battle to fight whether big or small. We have dreams to fight for, love to fight for, life to fight for.” & I thought….she is so young, she doesnt know about battles. Looking back i had no right to say u didnt kno bcuz i didnt know u so well then (maybe one day). I see your old soul and i have come to appreciate this. Here i am… i am looking to you. people think because i am older i am to be CONFIDENT and ASSURED OF MYSELF but…I am not…and i dont know how to be…i guess i am just…trying to see if you can tell me anything. i want to be around good people but i keep attracting the worst…i want to feel great but i remain…bitter…cold…wrong inside. i look around and feel small. i dream big. like too big. every1 says i cant have my dreams. that they are only dreams. all that corny crap. like feeling not so pretty to other women. talent like other women. i feel hot with anger and sadness. you have been a light to my friend Dani and i want to steal some! Please do not feel obligated to respond, but please if you can…i dont want to waste your time…Forever your Warrior Fan, Love Always, XOXOX


Firstly, never ever be afraid to reach out. No judgement will be passed, no time will be wasted because none of you are a waste of my time. I truly need you to hear me when I say that. None of you are a waste of time. I am forever grateful for your e-mails and love talking to you. You will never ever feel alone or like a burden because I am not standing for it. I will always be here for you girls and guys. If there comes a time I can’t assist you I will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Secondly, a lot of my people deal with these issues and emotions. Including me. The truth is, you have to put your self-esteem in check and realize your self-worth. If you are surrounding yourself with negativity, darkness will not take long to consume you. It becomes toxic and appears in every thing you do. It spills over into school, work, relationships, and then you notice that which once made you happy…no longer does.

You must learn to love yourself enough to choose what is best for you. This includes walking away from the people that belittle you, the environment that stifles your passion, daily activities you participate in, and the shows you choose to watch on television. It is one of those ‘easier said than done’ situations where you nearly want to bite the messenger’s head off! That’s when you have to remember…everything takes work, time, and patience. You have to believe you are capable, and I mean JUST you. You do not need validation from another soul. It is uplifting when others support you and say that you can, but that isn’t dire. I know it helps, but you’ve got to know in your heart and your mind that what you desire can and will be yours.

That anger, sadness…drive it into your goals. Turn your goals into accomplishments. Turn your accomplishments into a series of ‘You-said-I-couldn’t-do-it-look-at-me-now-ha-ha-ha-ha’s! Otherwise, that rage and fury translates to self-destructive behavior. You will start to believe in the words of those who are afraid to see you conquer all you set out to do. As sorrowful as it makes me, people want to watch each other burn. They want to see you collapse instead of rise. Do not allow these sorts around you and do not value their words. Do not look to them for your self-assurance or reassurance. They are damaging to your heart, soul, and mind. They will take your sanity because after some time passes and they see they’ve stole your light they’ll know they’ve got the power and can keep you where you’ve been. Don’t expect change when everything around you stays the same. Developing or raising your self-esteem is a a day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-to-minute task. Work at it. You deserve better. Trust and be aware that you deserve better. Make it known that you deserve it and eventually your aura will demand it. Take pride in the unique soul that you are and the dreams you have. Seek growth, seek joy, seek balance. Please, stop looking to society to determine who and what you should be. You have to find yourself and be true to that person. You and all you represent is more valuable than what you may or may not seek to copy or imitate.

You are all beautiful. From the center of my soul to my heart, I mean that. If you should need me again I will always be here. I will always listen.

Love Always,
Veronica ✌❤ 


Point of Infliction Quote Featuring Sophisticated Male

A Quote For You

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming novel Point of Infliction that I wanted to you to read. I am sending it out because I feel this way about you each of you and could not resist sharing it. In between the lines of this novel, you have been my greatest inspiration.

Love Always, Veronica  ✌❤ 


“Through all the detrimental things you have endured your heart remains unblemished. Empathy is a fast fading trait, but it remains present in you. Although there is an absence of it today, people need it as much, if not more, as they had in the past. Every thing that concerns you or disappoints you is based off of your immense emotional connection to society, your…human decency. You may be displeased in the world as a whole, but you do not resemble the masses in any way. As it’s been said to some, but sincere to few…you are your own person. No one can tear you down and your history reflects that. You are substantially greater than that which you compare yourself. Strangers reassure you every day in passing, do they not?”

She remained quiet for quite some time before finally meeting his gaze. “That is very kind of you to say.”

“It was not kindness that led me to those conclusions. It was veracity. Sometimes individuals as dynamic as you need to be reminded of their own worth.”


Release Date: April 2014

Anti-Gay Violence News And Quotes

Anti-Gay Violence

“The Most Homophobic Place in the World”


On July 21st a group of individuals attacked gender-nonconforming Dwayne Jones. He was shot, stabbed, and left for dead on a road near the party he had earlier attended. He was only 17. On August 23rd another group attacked two men they perceived as gay following a car accident. Five days later, yet another mob repeatedly stabbed and set aflame a man they alleged to be gay, called Dean Moriah. He was 41. All of these hate crimes involving homosexuality occurred in Jamaica. These unlawful acts occur so often it leads one to believe without a doubt that their authorities are doing nothing to end it. Perhaps they truly aren’t trying. It is not my place to decided that though. This is simply the kind of madness that becomes too much for me. To dislike someone’s lifestyle is one thing, to hate it enough to brutally torture and kill them is another.

On many levels these unforgivable and heartbreaking instances seem to quickly be becoming a way of [some of] the Jamaican people. This disgust…this homophobia…this untarnished hatred. They’ve been branded as “simply being this way”. It is fine to have a negative feeling toward someone’s way of life – people will always judge you and hold different values, but killing someone else just because you detest their life choices is wrong.

As sad as it is to say…love and equality are two strangers to Jamaica. Darkness and rage consume them and it is then spread to their children. I wonder how anyone can survive in a place where the light rarely shines…

Note: In accordance with Anti-Gay Violence, Time Magazine coined Jamaica “The Most Homophobic Place in the World”. 

Speaking From My Soul - A blog entry by Veronica N. Davis featuring a sky photo edit

Speaking From My Soul


To the brim.

Overflowing with knowledge.

Too connected to chaos, no longer to the soul.

Never  unmoving.

Always running.

Never breathing.

Thoughts consuming.

No time for healing.






– – – – – – – – – – – –

In my time away, I’ve rediscovered the serenity found in a single breath. The way it reconnects your mind and your soul. The sense of calm that devours you. I’ve missed that. My vision blurred and my energy shifted from positive to negative in an instant. I couldn’t fathom my own emotions, so focused on deciphering those of the ones around me. I’ve been told countless times my greatest strength is my greatest weakness: helping…caring…empathizing. For so long I’ve dealt with everyone else’s sorrow, remaining present, even when I am not fully there.

I needed to find balance.

Between you and me. Literally, between you (my fans and supporters) and me. It literally tears me apart some of the e-mails I have received about things you have been through and I take it all to heart. I had to release it. As I was falling, so were you and I have this overwhelming desire to “save the world”. My mother has always told me to let that go. To do all I can, but don’t forget about myself.

She’s quickly learned that it’s just who I am.

Eventually, I tore myself down.

All that weight, working so hard, losing sight of my goals, so focused on everyone else’s. On top of uncertainties, missed deadlines, and so many other self-inflicted disparities. It takes you to a mental state of violence. Toxic. Fiery. Madness. My emotional levels can get the best of me, and that’s something I occasionally struggle with. My friends have told me several times, “Your emotions run deeper than the average person and we worry about you.” My cousin has said that to me daily over the past couple of months.


I worry about me.

Uma terra perigosa. I had to escape it. The land inside my mind. Nature is the best remedy for me. As a creator, I spend too much time inside my thoughts. So…I took some time away to seek balance. Always striving to be the best version of myself. I know I am young and have much to learn with many lessons ahead. At 22 there’s only so much I know, but I do know this: I love my people….my royal warriors. Like I’ve told many of you before, we’re in for a journey and we’re doing it together.


In order to attain all we want in our lifetime and be there for one another we have to remain centered. We have focus. We can do anything. Please, wake up and tell yourselves that. It is true. Truly. As long as you sincerely believe it about yourselves as I do about you. Until next time…

Love Always,



Equal Marriage Ignored By Major Media Outlets

Can we talk?

I mean really talk? About equal marriage…

Guys, the LGBT community has come a very long way and it has taken years to get where we’ve gotten. Still, people try to hold the LGBTQ family back, and suppress the dynamic steps we’ve taken as a whole. They also ignore those who actively make changes to support us.

 BBC News, Channel 4 News and other media outlets failed to give sufficient coverage of this week’s historic passing of same-sex marriage in Parliament.

Needless to say, some of my friends “across the pond” had no idea this even occurred. And I’m talking about my friends who have made it a habit to watch the news and read the newspaper…We are talking hardcopy articles here! I would like for you guys to read this article: here. Benjamin Cohen, founder of Out4Marriage and poster to PinkNews, was quoted saying: “So Kate not giving birth yet is a BBC News at 10 story but the end of centuries of inequality for gay people isn’t? “.

I absolutely agree with his dismay.

Society is so caught up in the obsession of (royal and) celebrity life that they’ve overlooked their own. They’ve repeatedly failed to acknowledge the positives in life, they exploit the negatives, and remain hung up on the rich and famous. It’s amazing. Some stories don’t make the news for editorial reasons, and as a journalist I am aware of that, but as a human being, I view this as a real disgrace. I am fairly positive most people don’t even know the great thing Parliament did for the community. Media outlets rather form armies of bashers, than congratulate the far and in between wins we do have as members of society.

Thanks a lot, she says sarcastically. Thank you very much.

May 15, 2013

A Moment In Time With JD Photography

May 15, 2013

There is nothing better than starting a journey with an individual you’ve known for years, watched grow for over a decade, and from time to time quarreled with. Let’s face it – we all have those down days, but some friendships/bonds/ties are still unbreakable. Occasionally they waiver, they may seem as if they are fading, but they cannot break.

This past week I worked with Jasemine-Denise Photography, a photographer located in the hearty of Chicago. She commutes anywhere you want her to go, including out of state just to get you what you need. What’s so incredible about her is: she works and practices nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/6 days a year! It never stops with her and that is truly phenomenal. If you say “I want m photography to look like such and such” she is the one that can supply your demands.

She doesn’t give up.

Here’s something I’ve come to understand about any new photographer…something that is blatantly obvious: they have to earn their credit and respect. Which means they can’t run around handing out freebies, they have to carry themselves professionally. You can’t act like they owe YOU favors, when YOU owe THEM. This is what I’ve seen with JDP. People missing out on a great opportunity to get all these magnificent shots from an ARTIST who knows how to use her stage well.

It’s great to see that changing.

As time goes on and I get the pleasure of watching her evolve, she manages to make you want to be on the end of that lens, bringing your ideas to life. So, naturally I loved having the opportunity to work with her. She is truly something amazing.

P.S She just got back from ACEN so make sure you guys click that link above and check out her site for updates!


A Generation Desensitized

A Generation Desensitized

Yesterday afternoon I was trolling through an app on my phone called IFunny. Usually it throws me into an array of flashbacks involving the days of *Nsync, Pokemon, Nano Pets, and Gameboys, but yesterday…none of that happened. Actually, not a single thing I came across had a trace of hilarity. As a matter of fact, that day was a high contrast to the ones before it. It was like…super duper opposite day. No fun stuff, just some random things to upset you. There was plenty I was discouraged about, and yes I know it is a “ya dig” updated by a bunch of young bored adolescents who have nothing better to do. That’s all the internet really is. A bunch of people congregating digitally because they have too much free time. By too much I mean so much that these kids today have time to make light of serious issues like rape.


They call it…rape sloth.


To save you the trouble of typing that into GOOGLE Search here is a [link] to some of the images I saw. I briefly discussed those edits with my cousin, [Photographer Jasemine Denise], and she immediately said, “That’s disgusting.” It truly is. Like even right now as I’m writing this I’m frowned up and I do NOT like being frowned up man! Has this generation become so detached from their morals (do they have any?) and desensitized by the media and sexual content in movies and games (and hell…where ISN’T sex…) that they find this entertaining? The vulgarity of the word and all they add to it…it’s not…right. I was born in 1991, not that far off from these kids, and we were never this dark. At first I thought I was overreacting because there are hundreds of words in the English language that we use in the wrong situations intentionally because it is literally funny, but I can’t find the humor in this.

I reverted back to my own writings in my novel [Tomorrow Never Came] as well as conversations I had in the past with one of my girlfriends. She had been raped in broad daylight while she was away at college. Room full of people and no one cared to stop it. Needless to say she became introverted and found it hard to trust again. Just a side note, she wasn’t a partier, not even close. A friend convinced her to go. While she was telling me what happened…her eyes grew dark, from a honey brown to almost chestnut, her shoulders tensed, her breaths shortened, and she couldn’t look me in the eye without crying. I knew her as this insanely strong and independent woman, but soon discovered she was ready to break and shatter at any moment. To see that and know what I know, my reaction to this “humorous sloth sh*t” is…what the hell are you guys thinking? To those who think it’s comical, um…may I just ask a small…..question…….WHY? I honestly want to know why it’s funny. I thought jokes were supposed to make people laugh…not take sexual crimes and turning them into…this repulsive supposed jest.

What more can I say?

I’m worried about the minds of the young and it doesn’t stop here. There is so much that they have lost sight of because they aren’t being guided in the right direction. I only hope that the same minds that find things like this compelling, mature. Sadly, not all of them will because not all of them are capable.

This world needs better role models. Better teachers. Better leaders.



Order Tomorrow Never Came

Tomorrow Never Came is now available

Tomorrow Never Came Is Now Available!

I’m so glad this day has arrived. I know it says my book was published yesterday, but it was literally available at 11:59PM. I was asleep! Anyway. This book was fun to write, but did have its stressful points as you’ll see when you read it. Some of the topics (sexual assault, hates crimes, etc.) was rough, but I know that the message in it has the strength to hit the right people at any given time. I hope you enjoy it. Love you and talk to you soon.



Order Tomorrow Never Came


After the death of her baby brother, 17-year-old Naomi Knight rediscovers happiness in the hearts of her friends and family. Reveling in the love of all whom are dear to her, she fails to notice the chaos spreading around her. When her friend Natasha Reed is sexually assaulted everything that was once pure falls away. Hate crimes, deception, and pain grip the town of Silver Creek. In the midst of everything, Naomi finds that her life hangs in the balance just as the students of Silver Creek High when one of their own walks into the school, gun in hand, revenge in mind.