A Quote For You

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming novel Point of Infliction that I wanted to you to read. I am sending it out because I feel this way about you each of you and could not resist sharing it. In between the lines of this novel, you have been my greatest inspiration.

Love Always, Veronica  ✌❤ 


“Through all the detrimental things you have endured your heart remains unblemished. Empathy is a fast fading trait, but it remains present in you. Although there is an absence of it today, people need it as much, if not more, as they had in the past. Every thing that concerns you or disappoints you is based off of your immense emotional connection to society, your…human decency. You may be displeased in the world as a whole, but you do not resemble the masses in any way. As it’s been said to some, but sincere to few…you are your own person. No one can tear you down and your history reflects that. You are substantially greater than that which you compare yourself. Strangers reassure you every day in passing, do they not?”

She remained quiet for quite some time before finally meeting his gaze. “That is very kind of you to say.”

“It was not kindness that led me to those conclusions. It was veracity. Sometimes individuals as dynamic as you need to be reminded of their own worth.”


Release Date: April 2014