A Moment In Time With JD Photography

May 15, 2013

There is nothing better than starting a journey with an individual you’ve known for years, watched grow for over a decade, and from time to time quarreled with. Let’s face it – we all have those down days, but some friendships/bonds/ties are still unbreakable. Occasionally they waiver, they may seem as if they are fading, but they cannot break.

This past week I worked with Jasemine-Denise Photography, a photographer located in the hearty of Chicago. She commutes anywhere you want her to go, including out of state just to get you what you need. What’s so incredible about her is: she works and practices nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/6 days a year! It never stops with her and that is truly phenomenal. If you say “I want m photography to look like such and such” she is the one that can supply your demands.

She doesn’t give up.

Here’s something I’ve come to understand about any new photographer…something that is blatantly obvious: they have to earn their credit and respect. Which means they can’t run around handing out freebies, they have to carry themselves professionally. You can’t act like they owe YOU favors, when YOU owe THEM. This is what I’ve seen with JDP. People missing out on a great opportunity to get all these magnificent shots from an ARTIST who knows how to use her stage well.

It’s great to see that changing.

As time goes on and I get the pleasure of watching her evolve, she manages to make you want to be on the end of that lens, bringing your ideas to life. So, naturally I loved having the opportunity to work with her. She is truly something amazing.

P.S She just got back from ACEN so make sure you guys click that link above and check out her site for updates!

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  • I’m definitely proud to be featured, and have such kind words written about me. This most recent shoot was our best one yet. I love how you can really see the growth and confidence in your stature. I’m very, very proud to have gotten to be a part of that evolution. I’m so glad that I took that step, so glad that I got that opportunity.

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