A Generation Desensitized

A Generation Desensitized

Yesterday afternoon I was trolling through an app on my phone called IFunny. Usually it throws me into an array of flashbacks involving the days of *Nsync, Pokemon, Nano Pets, and Gameboys, but yesterday…none of that happened. Actually, not a single thing I came across had a trace of hilarity. As a matter of fact, that day was a high contrast to the ones before it. It was like…super duper opposite day. No fun stuff, just some random things to upset you. There was plenty I was discouraged about, and yes I know it is a “ya dig” updated by a bunch of young bored adolescents who have nothing better to do. That’s all the internet really is. A bunch of people congregating digitally because they have too much free time. By too much I mean so much that these kids today have time to make light of serious issues like rape.


They call it…rape sloth.


To save you the trouble of typing that into GOOGLE Search here is a [link] to some of the images I saw. I briefly discussed those edits with my cousin, [Photographer Jasemine Denise], and she immediately said, “That’s disgusting.” It truly is. Like even right now as I’m writing this I’m frowned up and I do NOT like being frowned up man! Has this generation become so detached from their morals (do they have any?) and desensitized by the media and sexual content in movies and games (and hell…where ISN’T sex…) that they find this entertaining? The vulgarity of the word and all they add to it…it’s not…right. I was born in 1991, not that far off from these kids, and we were never this dark. At first I thought I was overreacting because there are hundreds of words in the English language that we use in the wrong situations intentionally because it is literally funny, but I can’t find the humor in this.

I reverted back to my own writings in my novel [Tomorrow Never Came] as well as conversations I had in the past with one of my girlfriends. She had been raped in broad daylight while she was away at college. Room full of people and no one cared to stop it. Needless to say she became introverted and found it hard to trust again. Just a side note, she wasn’t a partier, not even close. A friend convinced her to go. While she was telling me what happened…her eyes grew dark, from a honey brown to almost chestnut, her shoulders tensed, her breaths shortened, and she couldn’t look me in the eye without crying. I knew her as this insanely strong and independent woman, but soon discovered she was ready to break and shatter at any moment. To see that and know what I know, my reaction to this “humorous sloth sh*t” is…what the hell are you guys thinking? To those who think it’s comical, um…may I just ask a small…..question…….WHY? I honestly want to know why it’s funny. I thought jokes were supposed to make people laugh…not take sexual crimes and turning them into…this repulsive supposed jest.

What more can I say?

I’m worried about the minds of the young and it doesn’t stop here. There is so much that they have lost sight of because they aren’t being guided in the right direction. I only hope that the same minds that find things like this compelling, mature. Sadly, not all of them will because not all of them are capable.

This world needs better role models. Better teachers. Better leaders.



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