Chicago based creative director, graphic designer, product photographer, content creator, marketer, and
author Veronica N. Davis.

Veronica N. Davis
Be Kind, Be Compassionate, &

Love Always

Live Without Ego. Share Your Purpose.

It is befitting that author, marketer, and graphic designer Veronica N. Davis has a name that means “she who brings victory, true/honest image”. People who have worked with Veronica say, “She has no ego and is very patient. She’s meticulous and compassionate to client needs. She is able to connect with you on a personal level to bring your professional self forward. When her roster’s full I’m always willing to wait. She’s become a friend, in many ways.”
– R.S. (Chicago, IL) 

Veronica has forged dynamic relationships with her clientele ranging from local to international companies around the globe. Her passion can be found in every project she works on from blogs to high-end magazine publications. Grateful to do what she loves, she shows
no signs of stopping.

Blind Thirst by Veronica N. Davis

"Blind Thirst"

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"Tomorrow Never Came"

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Point of Infliction by Veronica N. Davis

"Point of Infliction"

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